Now what was the usual hype with Charlize and ScarJo?

Seriously, I know both Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron are attractive, but please, don’t get me started. If you’re going to ask me, the more enviable faces are like those of Gemma Ward, Emily Browning, Amanda Pemberton, Anna Faris, Rosa Kato, Michelle Trachtenberg and those who you wanna switch faces with.

I seriously do not know why everyone really is going ga-ga when they see Charlize or ScarJo as “attractive.”

Well not really ga-ga. One netizen even said that without the lips and the boobs, ScarJo would look like a man. I even asked a South African on Tumblr if she’s a fan of Charlize or not, and it turns out that she does not admire her at all (she said that Charlize disses SA, which I doubt). Well, I don’t hate both of them actually, but once you stare at them, turns out they’re not really enviable at all.

Not exaggerating right here, but if you’d notice, ScarJo’s face is too big for her height, like a rattle. Also, Perez Hilton didn’t like her “Falling Down” song. Gah, so much for that.

Like what James Carter said,

I’ll pretend you’re a very beautiful man with a perfect body.

Bombshell? For crying out loud, ScarJo isn’t really too seductive — classy, but that’s about it, but she doesn’t need to be skanky after all. However, she looks like Ruffa Gutierrez in some angles– man-looking, and that’s it!

With regards to Charlize, she’s really a good actress — from AEon Flux to anything else, but she sucked in Hancock. She can’t be comedic, for crying out loud! That’s why I got bored when her character revealed that she’s powerful!

For goodness’ sake, I don’t wanna drag Angelina Jolie here, but she seems overrated as well. But number one overrated people would be Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Jessica Simpson.

Side note: Paris Hilton looks hotter with a two-piece than Charlize, trust me!


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