What if… AA has Amuro Namie’s arm tattoos?

I really cannot imagine AA having Amuro’s arm tattoos. Kung mangyari ‘yun, yuck! POK POK at it’s finest na talaga! ROTFLMAO!

First of all, parang TOOTHPICK na yung arms niya noh! Nagiging Kim Chiu na rin yung katawan, at ‘di lang ‘yon, pati fezz niya madaling pagsawaan.

Granted that Amuro Namie’s tattoos are not very much of a bad-ass (well, for me, ok?), but I really don’t want AA to have those tats. If only Antonello had those tattoos, much better. It also looks good with Solenn, but she prefers not to have arm tats.

[Side Note: Otanjoubi Omedetou gozaimasu, Amuro Namie-chan!]

But please, no arm tattoo for AA. She might look like a super slut! Nyahahahahahahaharharharharhar!


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