Am I the only one who thinks about Andrea Del Rosario’s… reputation?

Seriously, in “Gulong ng Palad,” I really feel her character, but I don’t like her as the actress behind it! (But Anne Curtis’s Kara was better!)

About her reputation during her Viva Hot Babes days, di ba me alitan nga sila ni Maui Taylor dati? I think I sided with Maui despite looking like a slut in a rat’s aura. LOL correct me if I’m wrong, but I really doubted about Andrea’s reputation. Promise, I don’t think she got a career ever again because of those issues. (Idagdag mo na rin si Gwen Garci)

Also, she looks like Gelli de Belen! HAHAHA, so to speak, Gelli also has this reputation of being palengkera RAW and I dunno… she’s homely on TV but in person she looks decent, but not so stunning. However, the former at least has good looks naman, but not very stunning.

Pero infairness sa kanya ah, she chose to reinvent herself but I really do not know if she’s still as popular as other stars out there, eh… (of course, being a mother and at the same time an entrepreneur, mas OK!)

Well, question, am I the only one who has doubted Andrea’s reputation or not(?). Correct me if I’m wrong.


3 thoughts on “Am I the only one who thinks about Andrea Del Rosario’s… reputation?

  1. Unfortunately, Gelli De Belen is better looking than Andrea. I don’t mind Gelli being looking like palengkera, kasi nadadala niya eh. Nadadala niya sa pagkakwela because her, alongside Carmina, are two of the most sassy TV Personalities I have seen on TV. And Gelli de Belen is gerera, kaya nga kahit naintriga si Ariel Rivera sa iba’t ibang female celebs, kay Gelli pa rin tumuloy. Kapag matapang ang babae, titino at titino ang lalaki.

    I think, the urban legend I read on PEx is true, that Andrea also went to the same casting couch just to have a name. Talent siya ng ABS-CBN talent center na hindi sumikat-sikat. My parents even thought of her na hindi siya maganda, and Gelli looks more feminine than Andrea (though not comparing Gelli with Andrea though).

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