ABS-CBN, prepare for your downfall

traveladventures.org|ABS-CBN, you’ll end up here when you meet your downfall.

Seriously, you know why I hated ABS-CBN management? You know who are you worshipping?


If you’re desperate enough to revive AA’s career, you’re going to allow her to make hatak of other people’s career down. Mga walang hiya kayo!

You may accuse me of libel, but I don’t give a f*ck anyway. Seriously? AA!? If you’re that desperate I suggest you have to file for bankruptcy instead.

Tama ba, bashing101?

People are smart enough nowadays to evaluate whether AA deserves more ratings or not. Truth is, SHE DOES NOT DESERVE IT! She deserves to be laos, she deserves to be trashed away. I dunno why, but maybe she still does not stop performing fellatio to people.

To AA, nobody is envious/jealous of your very ordinary face! So you have the right to remain silent!

Guys, people are smart enough not to watch AA’s teleserye. She does not have a super solid fanbase (all I know is AAdiks, for sure is the most super solid) because she proves that she is someone to be dissed.

Cristine, rather clean up your ass. If you deserve to be on TV again, don’t make yourself an airhead or else, you’ll be mobbed. However, no one will ever dare watch your series. Baka aabot lang sa Episode 6 yan. (;


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