Rihanna’s tattoo… me take


Seriously? Really not good. It isn’t attractive at all, unlike Asia Argento’s angel tattoo:

See? Asia’s tattoo is really bad-ass! Wonder if some guy will have this tattoo? I’d say, “YOU’RE FREAKING HOT!”

However, I really don’t think tattoos below your navel is really a good idea. It looks slutty to me, but if you’re really a bad-ass, make sure you’re not Rihanna. It sucks to have tattoos that are in the wrong placement.

Well, if your ink is located on your ASS, don’t be ashamed of it! After all ass-tats are BAD-ARSE!

RiRi, I think you should have placed it below navel. Isis looks cool and more bad-ass compared when you place it underboob! EWW!


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