Hirit-hirit lang nyahahahaha!

Yun nagsasabing totoong tao lang si PS are all clueless and st*p*d! Totoong tao ba yun idedicate mo yun award mo sa taong hinamak hamak mo, worst is sister mo pa yun? Di pa nakuntento nag “sorry” pa kuno on live TV! Eh si Ay ya yay pag-ibig na kadugo mo na di naniwala eh, mga tao pa kaya? To those people na nagsasabi plastic si CA, are all blind! There’s nothing more plastic than that notorious bad ass girl PS! Whatever hold that you have w/ all that Networks execs to give in to you bratty demands, I’m sure you held them in your hands.

WELL-SAID! Even though me accounts na nagsasabing maldita rin si Pop Princess in person, at least may reprimander naman siya, and that is her momma. Eh si Kubeta naman, pakawala, pakakak, flirt!

True that. Stupid na kung stupid. But worse, they’re not critical thinkers at all.

For the love of gawd, I think people like these should have a reality check. It doesn’t mean that a lot of enemies does make you a totoong tao. You’re even insulting the know-it-alls and the walking contradictions (popular kids? loljk) with that statement. Kaya lang siya dumating sa showbiz because of her sister.

I hope the slut’s career ends up nowhere.

Not so stunningly handsome…

GMAnetwork.com|Aljur Abrenica’s good looks… well, he’s only good-looking to me.

Alright, I hate to break it to you, but despite Aljur Abrenica’s good looks and boyish charm, he has NO K! Ang lamya talaga ng aura niya, at isa pa, you could say that Will Devaughn is hotter and more charismatic.

I’d rather watch him in person compared sa TV. At least, maa-appreciate mo talaga ang boyish charm niya. I don’t find him the “crushable” type.

[Crushable types are: AJ Perez (+), Enrique Gil, Zac Efron… ‘yung tipong mapapa-WOW ka talaga!]

Even some people out there might think our majors prof. is more handsome and charming than him, too!

His other comrades/counterparts– Paolo Avelino, Xian Lim and/or even Joem Bascon overlapped his acting skills. Paolo Avelino’s acting level is almost the same with Coco Martin — he isn’t only good-looking, charming, and Thai-looking, but actually his portrayal is very much convincing– although sometimes OA na ang peg. Xian Lim has improved a lot ever since My Binondo Girl — he used to be the typical conyotic Western-raised dude na naging local rich guy. Yep, sosyal ang dating niya sa akin. Lastly, Joem Bascon — the ever-lovable kontrabida in Walang Hanggan, is really more of a “maginoo, pero (medyo) bastos” na peg. Actually, he only became sikat because of his bad boy-ness.

Oh, I forgot to include Ejay Falcon here. I think he has also improved as well, and the fact that he is good-looking as well (only dugyutin), I think he should find his own acting style.

I think Aljur should improve his acting more. Sooner or later, he might have defeated “the slut” in terms of acting, same with singing. (Sayang ang kagwapuhan, dude!)

twitter.com|Daniel Padilla is too innocent-looking to be a bad boy.

Actually, I find Daniel Padilla more err… convincing. Only that hindi lang talaga siya bagay maging BAD BOY! He looks “totoy” for me, as in ‘yung parang crushable na ewan? Hindi rin siya ganun ka-crushable for me, eh.

Infairness naman kay Binoe, bagay naman talaga sa kanya ang astigin, ‘di ba? Same with Rustom, but I really can say that Daniel is more of Rustom than Binoe since Binoe is like, “hambog” while Rustom is more like of a dubious but charming guy.

Really, they’re cute, handsome, pero hindi lang sila appealing at saka stunning for me, eh. Kumbaga, average-looking lang sila.

Peace out sa mga fans!

The skAAnk is at it again! —> FP’s BI yeah!


Quoting this anon:

Dun sa tanong kung saan nanggagaling ang power ni PS over the management. . hmmmmm. . mukhang totoo ang blind item noon na sinabi na may sexy star nga daw na nahuling papasok sa condo ng isang executive ng sikat na tv station. . may i cover pa nga daw ng ulo ang actress. . hay si cr talaga napakabaho ng personality. .

Check out THIS article (may part ang Skankelina jan). I think you might get enlightened first before understanding the whole thing.

correction sa title… dapat hindi vindictive actress but STARLET. wala pa naman siyang napapatunayan sa pag-arte hanggang sa paghuhubad lang siya magaling!

For me, YES, starlet talaga ang tingin ko sa kanya not because she has zero percent talent (to think that she has talent, she only improved about less than 5%), but because she is not as promising compared to other stars who are ready to prove their worth.

I was irritated and cringing at this one actually:

Am no a fan of PS. Pero may appreciation naman ako sa kanya. B*tchesa na kung b*tchesa. Retokada na kung retokada na. ‘di rin sya magaling umarte. Pero isa syang tunay na tao. What you see is what you get.

Totoong tao your face, dude!

Buti na lang may anti-***** backbone:

Comment 1:

Yang phrase na “nagpapakatotoo” ang pinaka abused phrase. Hindi na nagpapakatotoong tao ang ginagawa nya may pagka animal na yun. Walang pinipili. kahit sariling pamilya inaaway. Sige nga ilabas mo na sa usapan si CA, sino pa mga inaway ni PS aside from CA? kulang pa sa mga daliri ng dalawa mong kamay. Baka nga sa inaway nya sa mga member ng sarili nyang family pa lang ulang na yang isang kamay mo.

Comment 2:

Seriously sick and tired of people labeling b*tchy people as “totoong tao”. Ang totoong tao ay marunong rumespeto sa kapwa. Picking fights with your family or other people does not make you a “totoong tao”. It just means that you’re an all around awful person.

True that. Being a totoong tao is really, someone na marunong naman makunsensya. No need to mention those people because you know that they’re too overrated to mention nyahahahahaha! Pero this slutinella does not have conscience. All we know is that, she has PD! Either pseudo-schizophrenic or someone who is totoong tao KUNO!

Comment 3:

WAHAHAHA!!! Tunay na tao? Bwahahahahah…ang babaeng walang manners, walang values…ergo hindi sya tao!!!

What happened sa values ng mga tao nowadays?…tunay na tao na pala yung murahin mo ang kapatid mo, ang nanay mo in public at ang maging b*tch. pero pag sweet n mabait ka plastikada ka na? BWAHAHAH…check your priorities please!

Stereotypically, the “totoong tao” we know in showbiz does not have breeding, manners, but that’s because they’re “liberated.” Ang liberated naman na hindi naman someone who speak their mind are the ones who usually deal things with class.

Comment 4:

Hindi excuse ang “what you see is what you get” na peg to ALWAYS do and get what you want. ~ T

Really? Well, sort of agree, so yeah.

Sadly, the notion of being “totoong tao” is a Western concept. It’s a Western culture as well, and when you say “frank and feisty,” what comes into mind is someone without any breeding and class, and are often liberated. Morally-conservative domineers abhor those people and look down on them (hahahaha, yeah right, as if elitista pa peg ko!), but once they’re convinced by their good side, they will start appreciating them, but there are certain limitations. They will never be much of a fan of those people because they believe that frankness is still equal in rudeness in terms of Asian culture (when you’re a direct person, people from a polite society will backfight you!).

Yes, don’t slap me again (for the nth time) with this, “It’s better to tell the painful truth” because flattery and praise is still the norm when you’re in an Asian environment. I’m not saying that there are some people there who speak out their mind are trying too hard to become Westernized, kaya I really don’t like speaking out my mind unless close talaga tayo. One reason why morally-conservative domineers cringe whenever a friend of theirs befriend or belong to a group of popular kids who are mostly walking contradictions. Jusko, akala niyo naman kung sinong maka-asta sa social networking sites, mga vain camwhores na sasabihin nilang, “I hate plastic, backfighter, feeling close,” if they’re the ones doing it. To the sectioner, feeling ko ikaw ‘yung nag-orient sa amin sa library nung 3rd year high school 2008-2009 SY (III-Lurve), ikaw, ‘yung feeling teacher kuno. Yeah, to that person, grow the fuck up. Nananahimik lang kami dito ang arte mo pa. Feeling ko, IKAW talaga sectioner namin, ang kapal mo naman umasta! (With that cold monotonous facial expression, you sincerely cannot vent out your freaking arrogance! ‘Yan kasi, kaya ka invisible sa lib dahil alam ko ikaw ang sectioner! HAHAHA, I know tht you’re plotting bullshit against me! Magpakita ka na at ma-rape pa kita!)

Oh god. I’m being a bitch right now. HAHAHAHA, bahala na lang si Batman sa kanila! Tutal, buhay naman nila ‘yun ‘di ba?

At least the mataray ST is much OK-er than you, “feeling teacher!”

Jusko. OT na lahat. But, who gives a fuck, anyway?

And speaking of that slut (yeah, the one on the BI, not the “sectioner” na “feeling teacher” kuno), I think parang umalabas na lahat ng mga sikreto niya. Number one is the retoke thing (nose, boobies, skin color and lipo) and the second shizz is the STD thing! RAWR! I think it’s true that she is doing the uh-hmmm with the bosses. I think, the casting couch thing is really for real!

That skankelina must GTFO of that network. Baka mamaya, siya pa ang singer, nakatambak na sa Payatas ang music industry natin. Shet!

ScarJo’s tits have been deflated… HELL NAW!

gossiprocks.com/forum|Did ScarJo finally had a boob reduction? QUE HORROR!

You’d think it may be a big deal when she has big boobs, but when the “thin is in” came, this might have pressured her to get her boobs deflated.

Scarlett, I think you should have reduced your shoe size first, not your cup size. It’s obvious that you have a big boned frame, so no wonder your shoe size is 9.5, your face is big and wide, and you’re like a short giant. Na-uh, does not look good. Dude, if you’re tall like, 5’10”, no boobs and lips, you really look like a man. Trust me, you should’ve defended yourself from Lindsanity’s rants against you!

“I ain’t fat; I’m big-boned!”

Yeah right, early physical maturity is such a bitch. People hate it when you’re the tallest in the class, then you suddenly become the shortest. Being a short person with big features is a total mismatch! Yep, you get the nicest curves with early maturity shit, but you’re left with the worst curses!

Ganito ba dapat ang (tinu)tularan ng mga kabataan ngayon!?

Article I – Psychiatrist
Article II – Money Talks
Article III – Jealous at the skeletor
Article IV – Slap the momma <– now that’s fucking rude!

Now why the hell should you make AA more famous if in fact she’s already an established high-class WHORE and at the same time a professional slut!?

Trust me, kaya maraming PMS ngayon dahil lang sa kanya, eh! At isa pa, nagka-HERPES pa nga ‘yan, eh!

And to CR/AA, proud bad girl your face! Angelina Jolie won’t even approve of you!