Politicians exploiting people for their own benefit at its finest. NOT GOOD.
So, it’s the rise of the know-it-alls and people who are “anti-plastik” kuno are starting to lurk down and support it. While introverts will say, “F*ck you!”

Teddy Casiño

Imposing libel on the internet, particularly social media like Twitter and Facebook, is like imposing libel on ordinary conversations. Libel, if it is to be applied to social media at all, should have different parameters.

Problem is, dahil isiningit lang ang probisyon, hindi ito masusing napag-usapan sa Senado. Wala naman ito sa bersyon na pinasa namin sa Kongreso.

Millions of people now use social media to express their personal views on a whole range of issues and topics. Unlike the traditional mass media, which undergoes strict editorial regulation, social media is unregulated precisely to allow ordinary people to participate in the discourse. People even ‘chat’ on the internet now. Applying the old standards of libel will not do and will only serve to stifle freedom in cyberspace.

We should immediately amend this law because it will create a chilling effect not just on journalists but on ordinary people who use…

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