Mariel’s… dirty secrets… kaya nag-rant siya about the “virgin” thing!?

Side Note: Calling me someone who committed libel isn’t correct. Yeah, send me to jail and I don’t care at all.

“Kiking Inang Virgin ‘to!”

‘Yun ang mga lines niya sa PBB dati ah.

I really don’t get it why PBB was popular until now. I don’t like Myrtle (the horrible-looking cosplayer!) and Karen (the Wendy Jr.)… never going to be a fan of PBB, ever!

Also, Mariel should have been more well-mannered inside the Big Bro’s house.

Totohanin ko lang ‘to, ah. When people (netizens!) say that “ang ganda niya pala!”, they would add, “..hindi nga lang siya stunning.”

(Teka, jumo-Georgina na nga ba? LOLjk)

Well, good thing you know the “real” truth! Kaya ang baduy niyang manamit diba? Para lang mapansin.

I didn’t really moved on with this… however, I felt so vindicated when me couz said, “Ordinary-looking lang siya.”

I asked, “Walang makeup?”

“Light lang.”

Not even me fami likes her. Dunno why, but really, if I were to be asked, I won’t ever recommend Binoe to every woman for choosing someone who has a bad past.

Nyark! One example of a “hambog” on the outside, “demure” on the inside!

Well, truth is aprubado sana ako sa kanya ah, but what I could say is that, she’s not telegenic at all, but photogenic, ok pa.

She’s lucky to have nice stepdaughters ah, and a stepson too! At least tanggap siya, eh papano kung naka-date niya eh… si Papa Chen!?

NOOOOOOO WAAAAAAY! And good thing it’s impossible to happen at all! In fact, Richard Yap looks too “formal” and “sosyal”.

Eto pa ang na-encounter kong account ok:

“Kumbaga, hindi siya pansinin compared sa ibang artista. Parang, pang-campus ang beauty niya.”

Well, I really have to agree with that. People should never gemme started with her “so-called” beauty, because I believe her only asset are her boobies. Yup, take a look at this:

Dunno kung push-up lang ‘yan, but I could really say that her boobies are much more credible compared to Toni  Gonzaga.

Worse, there are certain rumors that she got preggo during 3rd year high school but had an abortion. Kaya pala siguro ni-lambast niya si Riza Santos, hindi ba? Another thing, kaya pala siya nag-drop out sa La Salle because of grade issues… we know now why nyahahaha!

The casting couch thing comes out into mind. If you’ll notice, making it BIG on ABS-CBN needs casting couch para lang sumikat.

Another side of the story might be the fact that she’s earning for herself, not because she wanna become famous.

Pero being about to trash talk due to yer so-called “beauty” is no excuse at all!

Calling someone “bobo” or calling the audience as “stinky” does not make you look or seem prettier. It makes you idiotic.

Kaya siya nawalan ng career hindi ba? She can’t sing, dance, act… and the Cinco part, when she screams… ang OA niya. Although I liked that part, seriously, it’s more of laughable because Mariel was scared of that guy… whom her character fired! LOL!

This is the only performance that I liked at her. Nothing else.

[Last thing: I’d rather have a huge arse than having cup-D tittays! Thankfully, it’s true nyahahaa! Wonder if Mariel has a huge arse too!]


One thought on “Mariel’s… dirty secrets… kaya nag-rant siya about the “virgin” thing!?

  1. Hello Mariel fan, well, my mom and cousin said that Mariel is ordinary-looking in person. Remember when she became a bitch on PBB? Well, her ugly voice and ugly attitude does not make her look prettier. Poor Robin Padilla, lahat ng mga naging girls niya ay DI HAMAK NA MAS MAGANDA kay Mariel gurangis. Ask bashing 101, maraming lumapit kay Zanjoe nung sila pa nga eh! Si Mariel? Walang lumapit. Sorry, but she’s no way beautiful. I insist, she only has big boobs. OK!?

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