Tired of AA? Goodness!

So AA is it again, this time…ROUND 2 with one-san!

Pagod na ako, sa totoo lang. Ngunit parang may mga isyu na:

Ara Mina, punung-puno na kay Cristine Reyes, dapat raw magpatingin sa psychiatrist

May pinarurungitan si AA sa FB

Now what is your freaking problem this time, AA? Call me one-sided, biased and anything, but if you think that Cristine is envied by her older sister, you guys shut up! The more AA gets famous, lumalaki noo niya, este ulo niya pala.

I feel irritable whenever she has issues or whenever someone has to defend her. Yeah right, but now I’m starting to laugh at their comments. That “nonna” user is a certified AAdik (jusko kumukulo ‘ata dugo ko sa bruhalitang ito!), and she’s saying that we people should not judge AA. How the hell did she come up with this conclusion? Of course, pati ba naman ang pseudologia fantastica, isasampal pa niya sa akin? Ask Roxyiserox, nonna, maybe she’ll slap that explanation of PF together with that AA thing…

Okay, to be honest with all of you, stalker ako ni AA. Because when I stalk someone, stalking is something that… you’re following the trails of someone you really do not like, unlike when stalking your favorite actor, eh admiration ‘yun! But stalking doesn’t have to mean that you’re checking out his/her FB profile often — maybe you might find out that he/she’s lying.

So since I stalk AA and her “kilos,” that means that I’m the Anti-AAdiks initiator… we don’t spread hate, FYI, but we spread advocacies encouraging kids not to idolize sexually-objectified beings who do nothing but to create issues to become famous.

I bet this person like AA needs to shut her mouth instead. Private matter should never be exposed in public if you’re a celebrity. If you’re showing these cans of worms to the public, and YOU’RE A CELEBRITY, that does not make you prettier. It makes you more of an idiot.

I don’t wanna elaborate everything more. Yes, I feel irritated with AA, but one thing that everyone should know about: Media wars always suck arse!

[PS: I feel sorry for her Ate Ara for being irritable too! Okay, granted that she’s got good traits, but if you’re going to ask her, she’s tired already. We understand that, we know you’re tired, worn out… but please, your sister should learn on her own. If there’s anything that would actually make AA famous, that’s because she got a lot of issues!]

To AA, I believe you’re receiving more punishments than blessings. Remember the Ondoy, the pamboboso, the STD controversy? Now you’re facing this “karma,” we think that you’re not going to win anymore. You could no longer become a homewrecker and kill the guy’s girl. You could no longer hide your dirty side. Truth is, wasak na clitoris mo, ‘day!


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