What libelous!? Correction lang, libelous ‘yung mga text messages niya kay Ate Ara niya, and worse, having a lot of enemies does not make you a totoong tao, kasi in her case, she starts the fight, the trouble, unlike ‘yung genuine people like Tita Bisaya– palaban, pero hindi naman siya ang pasimuno ng away — ‘yan ang totoong tao.

People calling her pokpok is just right. Tingnan mo naman ang mga sayaw niya sa ASAP. Hindi talaga siya wholesome. And kapag ini-interview pa lang siya sa The Buzz, I could actually say safely that she’s totally pretentions — even more pretentious than any other typical artista. I could even say na mas totoong tao pa nga si Osang sa kanya, eh.

Lastly, ang totoong tao, inaamin ang mga retoke niya. Did she ever admit her second nosejob!? NO. Also, I hate to say this, but in Osang’s case naman, no need for her to admit her retoke since “friend” naman niya dati si Dr. Vicki Belo, right? Na inaaway-away lang niya before?

I really don’t get it why some people like you think that a slutty mahadera like Cristine Reyes is the “frank and feisty” person, if in fact, she’s the total, complete opposite. Well, if she could call people “plastic” due to their dubiousness, that does NOT make her a totoong tao at all. In fact, her apology towards her sister is not even sincere. Halatang scripted at napilitan lang. Even Boy Abunda is even fooled by this slut is because she could do everything like for instance, power-tripping. And yeah, the latest issue naman is how powerful naman of her to remove Joross Gamboa from the set of her upcoming teleserye.

You know why marami siyang project? She’s one of the people na dadaan muna sa mga Lopezes para lang magkaroon ng career. Ni may mga blind item pa nga ang nagsasabing nakita raw siya na may kasamang executive ng DOS papunta sa isang condo, nakatakip pa ang ulo, ah! Another thing, may isa pa ngang blind item na nagka-STD pa nga siya eh.

So yeah, I have spilled the rotten beans. I’m only being very honest about this one, not in the defensive mode, but if you’re going to read the YES Mag featuring her house, she opened a can of worms.

I hope you get enlightened this time.

With love,
from an open-minded critical thinker.

OKAY, one of the best comments/replies I ever written. Choz!

Granted, it’s too late at night, but I have to say this…


I really do not know about Bashing101’s statement, pero assumption ko lang, that dude might not even approve of AA as a totoong tao, like, “Jusko!? Anong totoong tao!? ‘Yung mahaderang SIYA MISMO ang nagpapasimuno ng gulo!?”

Once again, ang tunay na prangka’t palaban, HINDI nagpapasimuno ng kaaway, at INAAMIN ang mga retoke. Only narrow-minded dudes will tell you that AA is a completely frank, feisty (and wholesome) person.

For the love of gawd, for the NTH time, hindi nga siya prangka. Mas lalong hindi palaban. AT MAS LALONG HINDI SIYA KAGALANG-GALANG. Initials at palayaw pa lang niya, kamura-mura na nga eh!

Aanhin ang retokeng ganda at katawan, kung ang budhi ay super dark!?

Stop thinking that I’m a hater. OO, hater naman talaga ako ni AA, eh, but that should NOT make me narrow-minded.

It’s like this:

Do you think someone who steals a guy from another girl and at the same time slapping the girl is a good idea (or like, gawain ba ng totoong tao ‘yan)? I hate comparing her to Angelina Jolie, but Angelina never resorted to any fight or maybe had plastic surgery (if ever she had, it’s possible) and never admitted it. Also, granted that she has a homewrecker reputation, but did she ever slapped Jennifer Aniston’s face (figuratively)? Only tabloids damaging Angelina’s reputation even more will fool you. I don’t think she ever slapped Jen.

Angelina Jolie, at least, admitted that she’s still a bad girl. Yeah, bad-ass queen, but not the tipong mahadera, constant man-eater at saka liar. Call Angelina a hypocrite, but yeah, she’s sort of dubious. Pero good thing she didn’t steal Johnny Depp from Vanessa Paradis. Pero si AA? Hindi lang niya inagaw si Dennis Trillo at si Rayver Cruz, ok? May issue pa nga sila ni Janno Gibbs, eh! One thing that I’d rather not tell you: She made patol with Janno while he was married!

Even Roxyisferox will attest to you that AA is a liar, and a hypocrite.

Totoong tira-tira lang si AA ng iba’t ibang lalaki, pero malakas mag-accuse na ibang tao ang gumagawa nito.

What are we, idiots?

Baka mamaya, may secret relationship pala kayo with an executive.


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