Hirit-hirit lang nyahahahaha!

Yun nagsasabing totoong tao lang si PS are all clueless and st*p*d! Totoong tao ba yun idedicate mo yun award mo sa taong hinamak hamak mo, worst is sister mo pa yun? Di pa nakuntento nag “sorry” pa kuno on live TV! Eh si Ay ya yay pag-ibig na kadugo mo na di naniwala eh, mga tao pa kaya? To those people na nagsasabi plastic si CA, are all blind! There’s nothing more plastic than that notorious bad ass girl PS! Whatever hold that you have w/ all that Networks execs to give in to you bratty demands, I’m sure you held them in your hands.

WELL-SAID! Even though me accounts na nagsasabing maldita rin si Pop Princess in person, at least may reprimander naman siya, and that is her momma. Eh si Kubeta naman, pakawala, pakakak, flirt!

True that. Stupid na kung stupid. But worse, they’re not critical thinkers at all.

For the love of gawd, I think people like these should have a reality check. It doesn’t mean that a lot of enemies does make you a totoong tao. You’re even insulting the know-it-alls and the walking contradictions (popular kids? loljk) with that statement. Kaya lang siya dumating sa showbiz because of her sister.

I hope the slut’s career ends up nowhere.


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