Tips for AA to be un-AAed anymoaw

If Cristine wants to be respected, she should know how to put her character in right places, which is something she never knew how to. Should she wants to be a well-respected young actress, she must do the following:

> Stop flirting worse than a hooker

> Stop picking fights with fellow actresses

> Improve and prove herself like any K-pop idol of her age

> Refine her speech and improve her pronunciation

> Dress herself up in a manner that is way respectable, and not like contending with pornstars and hookers

Thanks Roxyisferox for the details…

There are a few additional things…

– She should stop claiming herself that she’s frank and feisty person. Seriously, at the back of our minds, only people with demure minds think that she IS really frank and feisty, but for those who investigate a lot, they think the opposite.

– She should admit her surgeries. Her nose, boobs and skin color — they’re all fake.

– Improve her English grammar, proficiency because she cannot even be conyotic at all. In fact, she’s a true-blooded jeje.

– She should stop accusing other people that they’re flirting with other guys. Also, she should stop pretending to be demure after all.

– She should NO LONGER fuck the other bosses in ABS-CBN. So totoo pala ‘yung urban legend na dadaan ka muna sa mga Lopezes para sumikat ka talaga BIG-TIME! Trust me, that “casting couch” made her contract STD’s such as Herpes.

– Kung ilalantad parin niya lahat ng kakangkangan niya, remember, lalabas at lalabas ang mga baho niya.

– She should NOT steal other girls’ men. Seriously, she is only making Angelina Jolie less of a homewrecker than she does.

– Goodness, but she has to at least change her username in every err… 6 months. Kaya lang niya ginagawa ‘yung frequent changing of usernames (@PilyangSweet, @cristineklenk @EVAFONDA2008 @yourqueenAA @BadGirlQueenAa @thequeenofaadik @mscristinereyes) para maiwasan lahat ng mga negative comments laban sa kanya… parang ang gusto lang niya puro papuri! I don’t think her “fans” are credible as well because most of them are “jeje.” This is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Really.

Actually, with regards to the men that she had, she and Willie Revillame look really DAMN GOOD together. They’re both sex maniacs. Bar none.

I think this skank should stop exposing her kabulastugan’s in public. It only makes her crap, not a person at all. At isa pa, ASAL-HAYOP naman ang pino-project niya, hindi ba? Also, she should stop accusing other people for her bad shenanigans, like, calling other people “flirt.” Really, this is very sickening. Halos lahat sinisipon/inuuhog na dahi sa mga kabulastugan niya.

I’m afraid I have to say this, but Cristy Fermin is even more credible than Boy Abunda. At least, kahit nega ang reputasyon ni Tita Cristy, masasabi kong sadyang matapang lang talaga siya, and please don’t forget that her being palaban is becoming more credible since other hosts cannot even get the f*ck out of the illusion that AA’s a frank and feisty person.

Kumusta na ba si Tito Boy? Jusko, even bashing101 does not even approve of him. HAHAHA, granted na professional at diplomatic ang dating ni Tito Boy, I’m afraid hindi talaga siya makapalag kay AA. Siguro pinagtatakpan niya rin lang si AA for the sake na hindi siya mawalan ng career. Eh ano ngayon!? Tingnan niyo naman, kung sino pang mga hosts/columnists ang puro exaggeration, sila pa nga ‘yung nagiging mas credible. Eh ‘yung iba? Mukhang nilalangaw na ‘ata.

What if… (Remember: These are only jokes, hindi naman talaga for real ito eh)

Let’s see when AA will be under Tita Bisaya. I’m sure, sakal na sakal siya, baka literal na siyang naka-kadena. Jusmiyo, siguro hindi rin tatanggapin ni Tita Bisaya si AA since she once stated, “Boldstar? Ay, sakit lang sa ulo ‘yan.” Worse, baka masabi pa niya ‘to, “Sumasakit na talaga siguro migraine ko sa kakasaway sa isang boldstar. Este, bruhilda.”

Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny.

Siguro kung si Senadora Miriam pa ang maging talent manager ni AA.

“Oh, for Chrys’s sake, I don’t think it’s a good idea to take care of an Azkal. Kababuyan na talaga, hindi ko na ma-take. Puro kalibugan na lang ang naririnig ko.”

OHA!? Witty enough?

Pero papano kung sina Perez Hilton pa ‘yun?

“I think, it’s really a HEADACHE to work with a skank. Maybe it’s TOO GOOD to go to church with a skimpy outfit!? Not a good idea!”

Well, siguro may point naman talaga si Perez. Eh, hindi naman talaga OK ang magsuot ng naka-bikini lang sa simbahan.

Or maybe Titosen…

“Lahat ng mga pinagsasabi niyo laban kay AA, baka makasuhan pa kayo niyan ng libel.”

Past is past, ok?

Baka siguro… maybe other stars might vent out…

Taylor Momsen: I don’t think a person like AA Klenk is good to befriend with. First of all, she copied everything from me, from stripper heels to sideboobs, not a good idea.

Megan Fox: I really feel very insulted. I cuss a lot, but what’s in front of me is someone who cusses physically. Can’t take it.

Angelina Jolie: A real bad-ass queen does things for the better, not for the worse.

Paris Hilton: That’s not hot. She has no good side. Go clean up you act.

Simon Cowell: Bitch got no breeding, no finesse, I think this is the worst insult ever. You’re out.

Even some local stars…

Joross Gamboa: Ang OA niya naman. Oh sige siya na… sa kanya na lahat!

Mariel Rodriguez: Ambaho naman ng bibig… kiking inang LASPAG ‘yan!

Sharon Cuneta: For dissing me out, it’s time for her to face all the consequences. HA. HA.

Kris Aquino: Ewan ko na lang kung kaaway parin niya ang buong mundo.

Melanie Marquez: She is the BADDEST girl I have ever seen. Tingnan niyo naman, they didn’t INFORMED her about her attitude? Grabeh!?

Rico Yan (in a teleserye): I think she should shut up! I don’t want to hear… that NONSENSE again! I feel so sick and tired of that mischief! I don’t want to see her wearing skimpy outfits anymore! No, she does not deserve to be on-screen, at the first place!

Lea Salonga: When I hear her sing, I feel the goosebumps.

Chris Tiu: I don’t think she’s a wife material… at least, para sa akin hindi ako makamundo, ok? I don’t see any future in her, not even her ambitious greed. If you were the guy, I’m telling you… ditch her at the very first place!

Sarah Geronimo (at the back of her mind): Tantanan niya sana ako. Magpasalamat na lang siya marunong akong makipag-plastikan sa kanya.

HA. HA. HA. Be entertained.


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