AA Klenk in LOOK Magazine Sep-Oct 2012 Issue

from LOOK Magazine’s official FB|Here’s the issue!

My take:

Seriously, I think Angelica Panganiban here is super overhauled with makeover, but in the case of Cristine Reyes, seriously… she looks REALLY UGLY HERE!

You may insist she’s pretty and sexy at the same time, but to those idiots out there, she had her nose done two times, right? Now how come she literally looks like a horse here!? Gah, poor slut.


de.hitmanreborn.wikia.com|Rie Tanaka

Tumblr.com|Mikako Tabe

mydramalist.info|Oomasa Aya

singersroom.com|Nicki Minaj

Whether they went under the knife or not, at least they look more decent and effortless, unlike AA who easily gets overrated and even looked average, according to some people. And these girl are actually even mooooooore younger-looking than AA. Look at Mikako-chan, of course, she’s the same age as AA, but hoe come she’s got the younger, vibrant look? Same with Tanaka Rie (she’s the same age as Ziyi Zhang) and Aya Oomasa (a year younger than Yoona Im). Most of all, compare AA to Nicki Minaj, gosh, it’s like comparing a cheapo to a quirky person. I don’t think AA is quirky enough to be compared to Onika.

Jusko, parang daig pa nga si AA ni Tricia Gosingtian at ni Camille Co sa Preview cover! At least those two girls together with Laureen Uy are more classy compared to AA.


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