Justin Bieber deserves haters

Seriously, people like him deserves a lot of haters. And the mere fact that SHARE if you like the tree, kitty… or maybe a shit, of course, everyone will save the cat over Justin Beaver!

He really looks Like Pnoy! Joke!

exposix.com|LOL this!

HAHAHA! As if everyone will get a very small voice like him! He never got to puberty! Even roxyisferox said that PSY is evennnnn mooooooore than talented compared to the Beaver! HA HA HA!

From his bratty behavior at NAIA to the argument with the guard… oh noes! He even lambasted Prince William’s balding head! True or not, Prince William is tooooooo great to be lambasted and mocked for his HAIR! HAHAHA!

I bet that Miley Cyrus is even much better and more respectable, and she is cool (astig) and not slutty. Of course, she was hated for being talentless, but ever since, I find her respectable compared to the Beaver. If Miley had haters before, at least I could say that the Beaver is more than overrated. Yeah right, Miley now has real, decent fans, and she’s even cooler than before! No wonder, nobody keeps their attention on the original bitches of Hollywood.

I also admired Taylor Momsen for being ignorant on Justin Bieber’s fame. Good job, girl!

Okay, for crying out loud, he really deserves his haters. I do not view him as a Canadian (feel sorry for me Canadian buddies!) after all.


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