Am I the only one who prefers Yeng Constantino more than Kitchie Nadal?

Even though she has stated the mere comparison thingy, yes, Yeng Constantino has a point that it’s too awkward to compare her to both Kitche Nadal and Barbie Almalbis. However, between the three of them, I’d say that Yeng is so far, for me, the best.

The Dare: Am I alone at this situation?

I think, Yeng Constantino is even more than original and stand-out. I dunno with the hype with Kitchie way back then when she was famous, but I could really say that Yeng is more original, and her songs are very lively.

Pero ‘wag mo lang siyang pasalitain. HAHA.

It’s really hard to compare Kitchie and Yeng because it’s too awkward to do so. However nga lang kasi, Yeng’s facial features are even softer and seemed more approachable.|See? Her features are very soft.

Believe it or not, she’s even prettier in person. I also saw Kitchie in person na rin, yeah she’s also pretty, but I believe Yeng is more standout (Kitchie’s beauty is more like the typical colegiala). Hindi lang talaga siya ganun ka-fashionable. Pero carry naman niya ang pagiging tomboyish, eh, which Charice cannot even pull off.

Granted, some of you think she’s “ugly,” but please, I believe you have a problem when evaluating faces. Kitchie’s facial features are sharp, kaya mukhang intimidating. Also, ‘eto ah, very awkward rin ‘to, but when you insist na Kate Hudson’s prettier than Yeng, I’m sorry but even though Kate has fully-bloomed into a real woman (please do not forget the awfully chinky eyes and flat nose for a non-Eurasian white person, VERY awkward!), sh only looks like a typical white person. Nothing very special.

Also, with regards to talent, Yeng’s songs are very original, and take a look at this MV:

Oh, see!? Me collaboration pa siya with Ramon Bautista, and another thing that I like about her is that, she has a similarity with Taylor Swift: They both composed their songs as minor teens (14 years old), although the latter has songs that have almost the same tune.

First impression ko sa kanya, ordinary-looking lang. However, I was so starstrucked on her beauty way back when I saw her for real at around 2007. Standout talaga ang beauty niya, despite being a “shorty.”

Even without makeup, she’s still cute! Lumalabas ang pagiging “Maja Salvador” niya! Even though I’m not a fan of Maja, they really look like each other. Also, she reminds me of Jessy Mendiola as well.

So, if that’s the case, nagiging PWET na lang si AA! Ansaveh ng big nose niya sa original beauty ni Yeng!? Joke lang!

Her unusual talent: Singing, songwriting, musical genius

One reason why I love Yeng more than Kitchie is because she’s still active, rarely had negative feedback and no matter what happens, even though she didn’t finish school (ewan ko na lang kung balik-aral siya), she still managed to prove her worth the hard way, but in an effortless way. I really do not know why people like Kitchie’s songs, yeah, they’re really meaningful, but the music is actually boring (pop-rock na ‘yan, ah!). Hindi ako music critic, ah. I think Kitchie’s musical style is sort of emo than rock. Pero in Yeng’s case naman kasi, she diversifies. ‘Yan ang raw talent.

“Single” from Mackie Galvez on Vimeo.

I also believe that whatever Yeng pulls off, she really looks great with it. Even the bob cut, the rocker chic, the girly-girly, at least she can pull it off. I cannot imagine Kitchie doing that, actually.

Kaya lang sumikat si Kitchie ng solo because she used to be part of Mojofly, and the fact that na-hype lang siya when the time she became famous (she was Trina Nadal before she became solo). Same with Barbie Almalbis, this time, sa Barbie’s Cradle naman siya sumikat. Eh, si Yeng? Sumali siya sa PDA, and she really proved her worth. Right now, she’s still active in ASAP, and although she’s still underrated, she’s probably one of the people who’ll soon revive OPM music. After all, she does not need to join a band to become famous. Same with Ashley Gosiengfiao (although frankly, she didn’t become famous on her own).

If she could redefine OPM again

Oh yes. If she’s the one who has talent, she should be appreciated rather because of her talent. Most of her songs, most of her tweets and posts are in Filipino. Also, I think that everyone should disregard nonsense rap songs that only talk about drugs, sex and beer! HAHAHA. I think if I were to be asked, she’s one of the few people who never had any issues, or in short: Transparent. She does not need to create issues to become famous. This is one similarity she and Kitchie share.

Comments (hi the-top-tens):

Her songs are really lively and very original… And she’s prettier in person compared on television.

She’s original. One of a kind. And she’s cute.

Yeng Constantino has the simple style ^^ certain tune that gives a simple yet very entertaining voice. Hope she’ll remain the same for a long time with her simple style ^^ moves just right for her age. I think she wants to remains simple but very entertaining for a long time.

A very distinctive voice. Try to listen her version of CREEP by Radiohead

+1rock star song writer πŸ˜€ the best. πŸ™‚ one of the most talent singers in the industry. opm. doesn’t just revive songs from foreign countries but makes, write her own music with our own language. GO YENG πŸ˜€ OPM RACKISTA ROCKS

+1She is also “Rock Princess” in the Philippines… Her album entitled “Salamat” reached its “Gold Record” two weeks after its release and then later took its “Platinum Record” after a month, followed by “3x Platinum Record after several month of its release… She is the one of the best singer in the Philippines in this generation… Yeng Constantino, is a multi platinum recording artist… And today I’m so excited about her second major concert which will happen this August 5, 2011… YOUR MY #1 IDOL

YENG is very different from other artists because she writes her own materials and she is really working hard with every song that she releases. She is a singer, a composer, a musician, a producer, a director, and most importantly, she is a disciple of GOD..

Yeng is one of the best singers here in the Philippines. Yes its true, Yeng has the originality and uniqueness. She has her own style and that’s what makes her truly unique. POP ROCK PRINCESS πŸ™‚

Astig tlaga c ate yeng… kya idol q yn eh, dbest tlga. mern ORIGINALITY.

yeng is so versatile singer.. any genre she can sing.. even if its rock, pop, or birit songs pa.. her voice range is evolving.. and she can really sing from the heart..

+6When you’re talking about ORIGINALITY.. Yeng Constantino will definitely cross your mind. She writes her own songs, sings them from the heart and she has her distinct style when she sings covers.. Truly an inspiration to the youth. Yeng is also a good example of a hardworking artist with a strong passion for her work with a humble disposition reflected by her unconditional faith in God. She deserves all the success she has been getting and who would not appreciate her good record as an artist? No Negative issues.. Very transparent. TRUE TO HERSELF.

sobrang layk cu c yeng! I don’t think she deserve to be just no.10! subrnag gling.. kayt anung kantahin! :))

+4Yeng is the best… She’s one of a kind
She’s not just a singer but also a composer, she also plays the guitar and most of all she sings very well..
What else can we ask for? She have it all!

Yeng has improved since she won the title as the first ever Grand Star Dreamer on a Philippine franchised Reality-TV Show of Endemol – Pinoy Dream Academy (Star Academy) in 2006. Since then, she has launched 3 chart-topping albums and videos. Her songs has influenced many students amongst the youth and she has continued her legacy of writing songs and over time, has kept her character not only as a singer/songwriter but also as a host and a producer/director. Her voice has evolved since her hit Hawak Kamay in 2006 and is now being compared to the likes of Adele in the international scene. She keeps performing in bars, school events, volunteer works and she has an upcoming concert entitled RAKENROL JAMMING in Aliw Theater this coming Friday, August 5. Be there and watch her electrifying performance!

The beautiful Josephine Constantino. A passionate servant of God. Has a unique voice tone and type of music. Number one ka samin YENG! πŸ™‚ LOVE YOU.

-1favorite ko dati!
la lang

+1love love love..! the only rockoustic princess.! whatever she sang, in her all gig’s, bagay na bagay tlaga sa kanya.. hehe love love love..!

shes very pretty and very talented. a true person. what you see is what you get. simple but rock.

Ms. Yeng Constantino(idol) is simple but pretty.. one
of the most popular composer here in the phil. good inspiration sa mga kabataang gaya ko.. sobrang bait inside and out,.. I love YENG

she’s my idol since nsa PDA pa siya

super dedicated and she always want to inspire people.. I really believe her so much! she’s an excellent songwriter, very versatile, amazing singe (she can sing any genres) and ofcourse beautiful inside and out! for me she’s the best!

She’s the singer who don’t only copy songs but she writes her own. And she always give justice to the songs she’s singing.

I always idore her character.! she’s so humble 2 everyone.. I super love yeng as her self..!

she performs more opm hits than the other,
and, no doubt. she’s doing it very well..

satisfied for the song writer was the very nice simple

she’s someone I adore… she’s very talented, beautiful and most especially down to earth…

Beautiful inside and out. She’s very talented and very pretty.

she’s a singer- songwriter… she’s versatile. an artist who’s not afraid of changes which makes her grow more as a musician. a total entertainer and a certified crowd-pleaser.

She’s the best. She’s talented, god-fearing, nice and pretty. She can write her own songs. She’s original.

shes so beatiful
and she have a pretty dress ilike her so much


2 thoughts on “Am I the only one who prefers Yeng Constantino more than Kitchie Nadal?

  1. Hindi ka nag-iisa. Sa totoo lang, may sariling identity si Yeng–sa lyrics pa lang, ah. At saka feeling ko siya talaga ang person behind the music videos. Hindi kagaya ni Kitchie na asa lang sa manager and whatnot since she’s not really that talented. Kumbaga, GTalkers still cannot face the fact that Kitchie is the one-hit wonder while Yeng is the legit talented one. In other words, Yeng became famous ON HER OWN. Sariling sikap lang talaga ang peg, which elitist GTalkers are stil in-denial at.

    Kitchie is more of a playing-safe one. Palibhasa’y wala siyang fashion sense, kaya maraming Pinoy ang pipili sa kanya dahil “simple lang daw” at “walang ka-ere ere,” but NO, as in NA-DA re-invention. Boring ang dating niya, kaya wala siyang sariling identity pagdating sa song lyrics. Boses, may identity na siya, pero ‘yun na ‘yon! Also, she’s not even very pretty to me. Makinis lang ang kanyang balat, pero speaking of facial features, her nose isn’t pretty, either. Her face shape as well. Tama ang iba na mukha siyang wasted/haggard, not like Yeng na fresh parin ang dating, kahit hindi siya naka-ayos.

    • Yeng became sikat because of a reality search series. Nevertheless, I consider her fame as “through her own hardwork” rather than being “asa na lang sa manager.”

      Anong walang fashion sense si Kitchie? Well, meron rin naman, pero not as FAB as other artistas. In other words, sinasadya niya ‘yun dahil galing siya sa mayamang pamilya (her brothers are entrepreneurs and she graduated with a double degree)–in other words, napaka-low-profile niya. People say that she quit from being on-screen to continue business with her family.

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