Kitchie Nadal now…|HOMG… Kitchie looks zombi-fied! Ano ba talaga nangyari sa kanya!?

Very shocking talaga! Her sister (dunno kung younger or older) is even prettier than she is.

What has happened to the pop-rock superstar Kitchie Nadal!? I really cannot assume/conclude that she’s doing drugs, but her sharp features really prove that being super slim does not suit her at all.

Hindi naman ganyan si Trina (yeah, monicker ko for her haha) dati, eh. When I saw her in person way back during high school, may glow pa face niya. As in walang makeup pero andun parin ang glow. I really do not know what has happened to her nowadays.

Guys, I don’t find her pretty anymore. Mukhang nalipasan na siya ng panahon and I never ever heard a single song from her na nagiging hit. Despiter her inactivity in the music industry, this should not make her look like this! Seriously, mas mukha pa nga siyang adik kumpara kay Phoemela Barranda, eh! Pero infairness, I never heard that she’s doing drugs despite her slim physique since she’s a God-fearing person (share lang ah, may issue dati si Song Hye Kyo ng drugs, but it was NEVER true because she is still beaming with glow!).

Indeed, she now looks older than her age. People were doubting why she’s no longer active in the music industry. Sayang, daig pa nga siya ng mga new rockstars na hindi naman naging hit because of lack of support in the OPM industry.

Side Note: I’m not again, jealous, pero nagulat nga ako when I saw her most recent photos pa nga, I was like, “Hindi na siya cute ngayon.” Akala ko naman pretty parin siya kahit payat, but due to her sharp features, I was right. She’s not that pretty at all (eyebags pa lang niya, you could really tell), siguro hindi siya gaano ma-ere (to name a few, Kaye Abad is a good example), but right now, looking at her recent photos, she almost looks like Lovi Poe (yup, umitim rin siya) in terms of facial shape.


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