On Maja Salvador and why I’ll never (ever) be a fan of hers

From the FB post:

Okay, so to speak, I will never ever be a fan of Maja Salvador. Granted, she is good in acting and dancing, but her aura is so negative and at the same time marami na siyang mga issue before. I do not get it why me relatives on me mom’s side (yep, okasan is included!) admire her for her beauty and acting if (some of) my pop’s side relatives DISLIKE her. Well, I’d choose the latter’s side since I find her dancing skills so-so, average (mas magaling pa nga ‘yung mga taga-dance troupe ng ibang schools jan, eh, even Steph Ayson is a better dancer!), her acting skills, even though she’s expressive, she still sounds irritating when she speaks, and she’s not even that good in singing (so-so, average, not excellent enough). Also, before the May Bukas Pa days, napaka-ordinary masyado ng hitsura niya, eh. No, I’m not jealous of her at all, but if she wasn’t related to the Salvador acting clan, she will be a nobody (Repeat: NOBODY). Kaya lang siya siguro nag-artista is because of her witty comments/answers in interviews which is probably her strong point.

People from FemaleNetwork.com — girltalk are right. Kulang talaga siya sa charisma. No matter how much she is given more projects (or maybe overhyped), she’ll stay underrated.

Dati, mas gusto ko sina Shaina Magdayao at si Erich Gonzales over her. However, when these two sluts had issues, I started to frown at them. I really don’t get it why she’s viewed as beautiful and talented if her dancing skills are so-so average (Duh! Even Steph Ayson and members of other dance troupes are waaaay better than her!). I also don’t think she’s hot because when she had this cropped hair like Mariel Rodriguez, I think of her as trying-hard. HELL NO. Also, para namang lalaki ang katawan niya eh (oh, hey there, Kate Hudson!).

Like what I said before, hindi sisikat si Maja without being a Salvador (think about being a family/clan member of an acting family). Isipin niyo naman, gagawa lang kayo ng issue para sumikat ‘di ba? Also, Maja is not very pansinin before her big break on TV.

One Twitter user (forgot the user ID) stated that “there’s something in Maja Salvador and Cristine Reyes that I cannot even describe.” Also, Pete Ampoloquio expresses his dislike for her as well. Sabi rin ng insan kong taga-pop’s side, Maja became “ma-arte” after she became “on” with Matteo Guidicelli (although I’m no Matteo fan). Alam kong hindi naman talaga bitchy si Maja dati, eh. Suprisingly, one of my former schoolmates said that she saw Maja in person and she even tweeted, “maldita. :(” I was thinking, “Baka siguro pasaway ka sa school, kaya ka hindi pinansin.” However, it turns out that she does not even greet you back or respond. Okay, ayokong i-judge si Ross on her attitude, pero parami at parami ang fan accounts na she’s not really that nice. I was thinking if she’s really moody or something.

Marami na rin siyang issue kay:

Carlo Aquino — girls linking to him
Mayo Suzuki
Erich Gonzales
Hmmm… who else?

But the worst would be that of Deborah Sun. However, I do not find Deborah credible at all. She stated that “she’s a snob and plastic at the same time!” I don’t like or dislike Deborah, I don’t really care about her at all, but her statement is wrong, that she hasn’t gotten along with Maja, assuming na papansinin siya ng ganyan.

Now I get it. However, degrading your own relative doesn’t make you superior either without knowing him/her yet.

I didn’t expect that Maja would be THAT conceited. However, her break-up with Matteo simply taught her a lesson not to be so snob and mightier-than-thou at the same time. It was recently that I have heard positive feedbacks that Maja is accommodating and kalog in person, which should be a sign of improvement. However, it’s really hard to prove your worth, especially if you have a bad reputation. If people like for instance, Marian Rivera, have a bad reputation, she doesn’t even join social networking sites, EVER. When she knew about superstarmarian on Twitter, she said fondly, “Maybe she’s only a fan.” She was also glad that a Japanese boy drew her and gave it to her. That’s how accommodating Marian is. Even people who saw her in person said that she really looks like a doll and she’s very you know, nice.

Actually, I hope that Maja would still prove her worth. After personal issues with those people, at least hindi naman siya mapag-iiwanan, hindi ba?

Maybe there’s a possible chance that she might prove me (or everyone) wrong. Trust me.



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