Liebe PJ Salvosa|What do you call someone without breeding and class?

I don’t wanna elaborate ok, but please tell me why are you being so mean and rude to someone who is doing their job? Granted, you did an explanation that she did the wrong move at the first place, however, bragging your “education” does not guarantee you something even more praise-worthy.

1,820 dislikes!? Sayang ka dude!

I really do not give a fudge on her accent. However, I don’t think she’s going to be a good VJ.

I notice the dubiousness in you, but it’s a good thing that the lady guard was the first to apologize to you pa nga, eh! Mabuti na lang na-deactivate mo na lahat ang accounts mo — well, what do we expect, if you’re going to do something very wrong, that’s what you get. Haters, haters and critics.

Quoting (?):

@thisistimramosm tweeted, “Simple lang: Kapag binastos ka, tapos binastos mo rin – a.k.a. aymjasretarningdapeybor – edi pareho na kayong bastos. #AMALAYER”

Mark Joshua Estoque, whose username is @papahotsauce, said, “You can always say your point but never humiliate people. Edukada? Eh pangskwater naman ugali mo miss. #Amalayer”

“Dear @paulaharlow: Your behavior showed how really an ‘educated’ lady should act . Where do u study? #Classy #AMALAYER,” @JettyFierce tweeted.

Netizen Kath Gatchalian said, “Anong school si #AMALAYER? She’s not in a hurry, no? Even had enough time to make away. Winnur te. Trashy, not classy!”

Bimby KalerQUI, likewise, said, “What’s annoying about this #Amalayer woman is not her outburst, but her insinuation that she’s superior coz she spoke English and ‘nag-aral.'”

@MaicaReynoso tweeted, “I just want her to LEARNED her lesson. At sana maging LESSONS to sa lahat. Haha. Funny ka teh. Please review your tenses. #AMALAYER”

Angelina Reyes, likewise, said, “Class cannot be bought, apparently, neither can grammar. #AMALAYER”

I was very disappointed on what she did, but not as intense as Carabuena’s (‘yun talaga, baka ma-shotgun ko pa ‘yun!). Eh si Carabuena naman, inuuna pa ang pride, sinampal-sampal pa si manong guard.

PJ, I think people like you and Carabuena should learn a thing or two from Marian Rivera. She may be “mataray” in a sense, but there are fan accounts saying that Marian isn’t mataray at all. She was even glad to tell in interviews that superstarmarian is a fan and she even appreciated a Japanese boy’s gift to her. She is really the type of person who is not pa-cute at all. It may be sad to tell that her speech sucks big time, but what you see is what you really get. Kung mataray siya, mataray talaga. Kung mabait siya, ganun rin ang ipapakita niya.

But at least for Marian, she does not need the media to make banat of other celebrities that she’s making alitan with, unlike Tita Bisaya who always makes banat (as in, banat parin kung banat, walang katapusan), making her overrated.

Of course, if I were to show rude behavior, I will NEVER, ever be proud of it. Kung me nakaalitan na nga ako, pano pa kaya ‘yung iba? At least I would become apologetic afterwards. I’m not going to be rude to those who are rude to me, because I believe that I’m too great to make patol with them, unless you’re not going to stop lashing back at me. I also believe that they’re really a very big waste of time. Just take a look at those “enemies” I’ve been with — did I ever humiliate them? Why should I, because I’m too great to do that to them!

So please, if you’re going to make patol to those who are rude to you, rather cringe at them in a hidden manner and let them experience karma. After all, people with high morality standards won’t even be that bitch enough to make patol with their enemies. Tama, Baklitang Abuhan?

Call me irritable in some time, but at least I don’t bite at all!


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