Granted, we understand Amalayer, but still, it’s not acceptable

Now everyone thinks that people should listen to her side.

Okay, granted na nagkakamali rin naman talaga ang mga guards natin, however, being in a “matapobre” mode and at the same time in a “palengkera-sumbatera-mahadera” mode is NOT acceptable in my standards.

We all make mistakes, but please, intense rudeness and classlessness is not a good thing. Rant all you want, but if I were to be asked, I’d rather be a snob.

These are so far, the most un-acceptable incidents:

1.) Claudine Barretto’s NAIA scandal – Yeah, buti nga kay Bareta! Now we know how bitch you are!

2.) Annabelle Rama’s rampage on Dolphy’s wake – Forgivable, but please, it is again, not tolerated. No wonder, I do admire her for being honest, but no way I would completely idolize her, ever. Sabihin nating bakya siya, but her children do not approve of it either.

3.) Blair Carabuena’s intense arrogance to Officer Fabros – How dick-like could you get if you’re slamming an officer if you’re the one being sermoned for a mistake. Now where is he now!?

4.) Teen mom hurting her baby (Malaysian thing) – I never watched that shit because I’ll go bipolar!

5.) Christopher Lao’s whiner issue – I really do not care about that. LOL.

So far, being a bitch when you go on a ranting spree can be a “carry” to those who are really spitfires. I was lambasting one of the talented internet celebrities because despite her “spunkiness,” I don’t really feel like understanding her (kahit isang trak ng explanation na iritable siya, she should be more sensitive naman, oh! Mahiya-hiya naman siya sa balat niya, you may excuse yourself for not wanting to become famous, but you already are famous, but unfortunately not on your own! HAHA! No way I would admire your way of dealing haters, you still look like a gay to me, though).

I’m an Internet person, granted. Yes, I really do rant. However, shaming someone you really hate, if not a celebrity, isn’t really good. Just go make a blind item out of it and it’s much better than being well-known for being controversial. I’m not saying that I’d rather be loved for who I am really not, because I’d rather be despised for being a big-mouthed blogger, but you see, I’m not giving any reason for you to hate me. You may hate me for being too high on your level, but I don’t care about that. Besides, you’re the ones making issues, not me.

I do not make patol to those who have no breeding. Rather, I would snob them. Yeah, it’s better to be a snob rather than to make patol with them. It’s counted as namamansin, but I don’t think it’s a good thing to fight back if being snob would be a better option.

Sabihin nating I really side with one party (let’s just say, I sided with Ara Mina during the height of her case against her slutty sissy AA Klenk!). Well, at least for me, I know what’s really happening, but not completely. If I side with one party because I don’t like the attitude of another person, well that’s because they have dubious attitudes.

Granted, I also despise the know-it-alls, walking contradictions and demure guys, well that’s because their standards are not as high as mine, and being high-maintenance in terms of attitude doesn’t mean you’re “nagmamalinis” in a certain manner. Well, making laglag of your friends does not make you a better person either, however, being matapobre doesn’t make you a better person either.

When Roxyisferox was still condessaroxy, she even criticized Rico Yan’s family as “matapobre” people. I think it’s true, since they blamed Claudine Barretto for being the reason why RY died. I also hate matapobre people, like for instance, my pals during grade school. If you like know-it-alls more than these friends of yours who are really nice and accommodating and interesting at the same time, you must be crazy. I also don’t like people with a clean reputation but at the same time are also matapobre when it comes to attitude. Very despise-able. You have a clean image, YES, but when demure guys fall for you, that means you have A as in attitude.

Having that A means that you’re really arrogant. So what if one become preggo? Eh ANSAVEH mo naman sa pinsan mong nakabuntis ng isang gal… ansaveh!? I don’t think you could say bad things about that guy, because that’s what you get for being matapobre.

Buti pa nga sina Paris Hilton at si Kim Kardashian pa nga, eh! Both Paris and Kim may be “famous for their wealth,” but it should not matter at all. No wonder, Kim has a nice body, Paris is a great trendsetter, which you’ll NEVER ever find in cheap-arse people like Wendy Valdez, AA Klenk and even the trashiest Hollywood celebrities won’t ever be that cool enough.

Wonder why I didn’t read those “blood-curling” messages the JW has sent me!? For crying out loud, it’s a freaking waste of time, and her tactics are VERY CHEAP enough to slap such a person like me, who is too great to make patol to a CHEAP-pangga butangerang bakya like her. Yeah right, she’s a real hypocrite — ansaveh niya sa mga achievements ko eh kung dream school pa lang niya, di na nga niya kayang panindigan (Yes, you dude! You may insist that you fought so hard to stay in your dream school, but what happened to you now!? Well, I hope you won’t be slapped on the face again! *sarcasm*). She’s with the popular kids, and maybe she also might be “hated” for her cheappangga-ness. I feel sorry for her family who greatly supports her, but because of her arrogance, that’s what she got — her sibling has “bad friends.” Ansaveh ng bangs mo sa kanila!?

Also, please don’t get me started on those people who are mean to me, but view them as “nice.” Kailan ka pa nakakita ng isang taong ipokrita’t sikat (sikat daw, oh! Siguro sa kabulastugan nila, ok pa!)!? Ipokrita in a sense that they’re playing favoritisms and looking down on introverts. Maybe if I whine at your choice of friends, I’d rather whine than you not being aware at all. In fact, I really don’t like nice people hanging out with walking contradictions and at the same time people with attitude. I feel sorry for them because of their “demureness.”

YES, I also do not like demure people’s standards because they cannot even answer back to the know-it-alls. Ganyan sila ka-demure. Takot silang mabanantan! Samantalang ako naman, buti na lang backfighter pa ako sa kanila. They deserve it. Bar none.

Well people, are you really THIS hypocritical? Sorry to offend most of you guys, but your attitudes are not being helpful to the society. Everything’s getting immoral now, and the know-it-alls, walking contradictions and people with A for attitude are already dominating the society as “bullies,” while introverts, reputable people and diplomatic ones are being left behind. You’r advancing the wrong way, guys. I think you should rebuild society right now because it’s time for us to wipe out immorality. We don’t even know that cronyism, nepotism, admiration for celebrities and political dynasties are the causes of our slow progress. WAKE UP, guys! It’s not yet too late, so maybe if you’re going to be as ethical as you want, rather do it, because you might not know, you’re being rewarded for your good work.

DIBA, Yorning!? Diba Fhrese, Park Chi!? AMA-RYT, homewrecker and her mini-me!? Doctor Gay!? Sectioner na feeling teacher kuno!?

Oh, if you’re really offended, I don’t care at all. I’m warning you, you’re not going anywhere.


Rudeness is not allowed

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