Forgiven PJ, but please, report it to the authorities instead

Now it feels like “Amalayer” is sincere. I think she’s not even proud of her mistake.

Well, at least, she explained herself. Yes, forgiven, however, you should have reported to the authorities. Kasi what you’re doing is really worth to catch attention. Also, it is really inevitable that your actions might be recorded via video.

To the uploader naman, I don’t really care about you (but I believe you should have kept it private), but this should serve as a lesson to everyone: Don’t be a bitch to degrade one’s personality. Also, if there’s a problem, REPORT IT. I believe that guards should also observe proper decorum as well. It’s only a fair share to us, so learn how to cooperate.

Also, video recording will be inevitable. Look at what happened to Bareta, Tita Bisaya, Carabuena, to name a few. Granted that they feel sorry for themselves, but please, stay vigilant. Rather, do that in private. LOL.


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