Tita Bisaya’s byuti

sulit.com.ph|Annabelle Rama, is that you?

host.missosology.info|Nice tits and legs! Infairness very Ruffa ang dating niya dito!

Wow, may pinagmanahan ang talent niyang si Ehra! They’re both fleshy but hot, anyway!

Both are really pretty, lalo na si Ehra. Yes, she used to be a Marian in SMCQC, and she’s being pinagkakaguluhan ng mga tao sa school. Ask the teachers there.

But… nothing beats Annabelle Rama. However, they could still pose sexy without looking like a whore. Even sex objects like AA will look inferior to these people.

I really like how Tita Bisaya projects her body. Really, VERY hot.

The Colorful Life of Annabelle Rama

Watch the video!

Granted, Tita Bisaya may be the “banat-era” of showbiz, however, she really has a good side. Despite all the scandals, simple lang naman siya, eh, and hindi naman siya pa-kipot because she does not need to. Also, she never showed her “rawr” when she was still a sexy star.

Hindi ko naman ikinahihiya ‘yun, eh! Proud pa nga ako!

I think she has a colorful history, and hailing from Cebu, she’s no stranger to politics. She even said that she used to be good in Spanish.

Being a former sexy star, kahawig niya talaga si Ruffa. Thing is, Ruffa is already like, fake-looking.

Oh, ha! Sexy star na pipi pala sa mga pelikula dati.

‘Day, hindi naman daw ako marunong umarte eh. Kasi ang dialogue, Tagalog.

Unless sa Bubble Gang pa siya, however, she does not need to exert effort to become a comic relief. Remember dun sa The Buzz, the “devil” thing she said, that was against Ylmaz Bektas.

Eh, matapang naman si Ruffa. Matapang din pala ang Ylmaz.

I really do find some dubiousness on Ylmaz, thinking that he’s a foreigner. Of course, what do you expect (okay, I’m not being a hater of Semitic people) from him, he’s a millionaire, and you know, parang Donald Trump rin.

I believe that being in her shoes is after all, interesting. HAHA.


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