Kitchie Na-doll becomes Kitchie Na-dull

As if when she debuted on around 2004 solo, yep, she had a cherubic face. It was very evident not until 2011, she looked the complete opposite — from fair-skinned, chubby to skinny and tanned, I don’t think she’s the same person as before.

At least I am not alone when it comes to these things. Dati, ang cute niya talaga, para siyang anghel sent from heaven. However, I didn’t expect the same recently, when I saw some of her Twitter pics — like, “Can’t believe she’s completely different from before.” Twitter user ishee_anne was also curious about Kitchie’s suddent transformation. No wonder she’s not that active in the music industry compared before.

Credits to (circa 2012)|Kitchie is no longer that cute — mas maganda siya before.

Credits to Mr. Jasper Lucena ( for the photo [Side Note: Ibang-iba talaga ang fezz niya in person, kainis haha!]|Kitchie on the extreme left — ganyan na ganyan ang face niya in person! Parang hindi nga siya, eh!

Yes, with regards to Jasper Lucena’s photo, this was in Campus Crashers (thanks Sir Jasper, haha) when I DID BLOODY forgot to bring my cam. Bitter ako masyado, but take a look at Kitchie naman that time, she’s fair-skinned, angelic and flawless. She didn’t even wear makeup that time, ah!

I liked the former Kitchie — the original her: Tisay, chubby ~ because I think that her current face is no longer her. She looked very young, fresh and vibrant way back then — not even makeup dependent Tyra Banks would really say a thing or two about it. However, when she became inactive in the music industry, her original beauty faded. It’s so not her; mukha na siyang haggard.

I really do not know if I should really bring my cam once I see her again — but I’m still passionate of having my pic taken with her, even though I’m not a fan at all. I really liked her song, “Pangarap,” aside from “Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin,” “Bulong” and “Same Ground.”

She’s one of the artists who are sayang — one of the people who would have saved OPM.

First time blog post against Kitchie


It’s a Cha Gason article.

Yep, never a fan of hers, but I’m not a hater either (don’t get me started with this, hindi ko siya sinisiraan in any way, people are always entitled to their thoughts, hindi ba?). Hindi lang talaga ako fan, but his tone is like, “Oh, she didn’t left Mojofly not only because of school…” Well, I’m not damaging Kitchie’s reputation right here, because I believe she acts in a professional manner (aka, DEDMA-cles!).

Actually, YES, I really didn’t get the hype about her. True enough that she’s only a pretty face, but her voice is like a wannabe Britney, rocker version only.

But… good thing hindi naman ako one of the rabid haters, ok? Those people who comment do speak on the Internet like crap, nawawalan rin ng credibility. Hay nako, oo nga naman.


I LOVE CHA GASCON! I dig you girl. Sobrang yes ako sa lahat ng sinasabi mo. =) May personal encounters me with her that made me hate her. Pati na rin mga friends and relatives ko who loved her hates her now. Ang laki ng ulo niya.

Kwento ko lang one instance that took place in a hospital where my sister is a practicing nurse.

My sister is a practicing nurse in one of the hospitals in makati. Nandun si kitchie. Ewan ko bakit nandon siya. Those were the lover’s in paris days kaya naging popular siya. One of the nurses was a big fan of her. Gusto ng autograph pero nahihiya. Sister ko hindi na kasi nakakanood ng tv dahil busy mag duty and busy din sa baby niya. So siya nagprisinta na lumapit kay kitchie. E since hindi naman niya kilala, she yelled: ” Is there anyone here named kitchie nadal or anna katrina nadal?”. E di lahat ng tao nagtinginan sa kapatid ko then kay kitchie. Nung napansin ng sister ko yun, she approached her and asked, “Excuse me, but are you kitchie nadal?”. Maayos naman pagkatanong ng sister ko. Hindi naman sarcastic. Sagot ni kitchie: “Why? Don’t you know me?” Naasar kapatid ko sa reply niya. Ang yabang kasi ng dating e di reply ng sis ko:”I’m just asking because YES, I don’t know her” Sagot ni nadal:”you don’t know me?”. Sis:”Well i’m sorry! I really don’t know who you are neither is kitchie nadal. Miss, I have a lot of things to do. So are you or are you not ms nadal? nadal: “yes i’m kitchie” sis:”My friend who’s also a nurse is a fan of yours. She wants your autograph. She’s in that room.” Sobrang imbyerna kapatid ko.

Sa mga kitchie fan’s. Wag sana kayo magalit pero yung iniidolo niya ganyan ang ugali sa likod ng tabing. Marami pa akong kwento. Sample lang iyan…

Well, may accounts ring nagsasabing hindi rin masyadong OK ang approach ni Kitchie sa mga fans. Although she seemed nice to the student audience sa Campus Crashers, hindi ko talaga ma-judge. I think, parang she’s the shy-silent type na ewan — halos hindi nagkakalayo sa mga first accounts regarding Sarah Geronimo (Sarah Geronimo is suplada according to some sources, well, may pinagmanahan rin naman siya, eh no wonder; but I think that Sarah is also the shy and silent type, though).

Sadly, may family friend pa akong kilala siya (ewan ko kung personally or hindi), but sadly, I didn’t even managed to you know… at least talk to her a bit about “kilala mo si err… ganito?” I doubt that suplada si Ms. Trina, however, parang daig pa nga siya ni Yeng, eh (compare mode na naman, gomen nasai Josie-sempai). There are no fan accounts na Yeng is showing a prima donna attitude — yep, that’s right, Yeng is like filling the gaps of being sosyal and jologs at the same time.

Rosette Cabcia said:

nakuuu…ako fan ni kitchie DATI. baket dati? kasi imagine, i watched her mall show sa robinson’s galleria before. i took her picture, in fairness maganda yung kuha ko. so what i did was i had it developed. then the next time i saw her dun sa eastwood piracy guitarfest, i gave it to her. walang ka kurap kurap, she did not even look at me, she signed the picture. she thought i was asking for her autograph kaagad. para na sya robot, biglang sign, walang ka interaction-interaction. grabeh! i know i’m a fan pero hindi naman nya kailangan ipa feel sa akin na tipong “fan lang” ako. buti pa mojofly, si ricci at si loujee nakita ko din same day, they were going around buying yung mga cd’s na binebenta dun, super chicka pa nila ako. tapos sa may parking na-sight ko si ali (kaya lang may kasamang girl), pero i said “ali alejandro?” and he gave me the biggest smile, sabay wave, tapos, i asked kung puwede ipa sign yung cap ko, tapos he signed it!!!

mga katulad ni kitchie, mawawalan ng fans pag ganon ang attitude!

Hmm… good thing I didn’t even dare ask for her autograph.

marvel said:

Cha, u hv some points I totally agree with. But it’s not totally Kitchie’s fault. Too much exposure can kill a golden goose. Blame it on her managers coz ginagawa siyang milking cow kaya kahit may sakit na cya, on d road p din. It’s plain & simple exploitation. I dunno why she lets herself be exploited. Too much of anything is nakakaumay na, di ba?

This is a very smart comment. The milking cow thing is really a Kim Chiu – Alodia thing. Sandara Park was also a victim of that exploitation, so no wonder Kitchie chose not to be that active in the music industry again.

I was wondering why Yeng (isama niyo na rin ang mga iba pang mas reputable na singers na hated by many) has evident haters than Kitchie? Well, people do not really know how to differentiate between first-hand accounts regarding an artist apart from face value + talent.

Karen said:

I have nothing personal against Kitchie Nadal. It’s just the hype that makes her work appear to be better than it actually is is what I don’t appreciate. She can carry a tune, true, but her style is obviously derivative of the little-angry-girl pop-rock vocals that were popularized by the likes of Lisa Loeb, et al. Her writing style, while at times catchy, is a throwback to the false profundity rampant in the songwriting of 90’s Pinoy bands (think Color It Red).
All in all, mediocre work.

Yeah, I really have to agree with this. Okay, so to speak, during the time of her fame, there are MANY other singers who could do better than Kitchie Nadal. I was wondering bakit parang hindi na siya nagpapakita sa MYX recently.

I was wondering, “Now what the hell is so special about Kitchie Nadal!? She does not have enough charisma at all.” Actually, if I were to be asked, she’s also like someone who’s in the “Overhyped Club” together with Alodia Gosiengfiao — but during that time, Alodia wasn’t even that popular.

I personally think that overhyped celebrities should take a break naman! I mean, what’s with the hype if you’re nothing really that special? Just saying.

Indeed… nothing very special

At the end of the day, Kitchie is only a pretty face… na medyo mukha namang haggard compared to other celebs who still look glowing without makeup.



chenelyn_grapes said:

Kitchie Nadal, ano kinaganda ng boses nito? kaboses sya ni britney spears!!!

lilly said:

I think Shes a bit overrated. Medyo ipit yung boses, and in one of her songs she was emitting this tricycle sound from her throat na para din tunog palaka.

Correct! I would even attest that Barbie Almalbis’s voice gives more justice! Kumbaga, Kitchie’s voice is like, ewan, but honestly, there’s really NOTHING special on her. I mean, it’s not her problem if she’s being overhyped, but I believe that even the likes of Josie and SG even have BETTER vocals. Ang iniisip ko kasi sa boses ni Trina, para namang lasing.

Also, yeah, she’s pretty but she’s like the typical colegiala na hindi naman siya super duper stunning. What annoys me more is that, in girltalk (hey peepz! Don’t ever take this against me ok?), nobody even replied one thing or two in the Yeng thread, but in the Kitchie thread, aba! Parang they still cannot accept the fact that Kitchie chose not to be that “popular” again. I mean, could you imagine yourself looking like even more haggard on stage? When Trina had this makeover, seriously, she looked even more different — far from what she looked like before. Even my other friends and acquaintances agree that she was prettier before.

Truth is — I don’t like her beauty, it’s like saying that there are many other girls na di hamak na mas passionate pa sa music. Also, I could say that Barbie’s much prettier than her. Ewan ko, parang I will never understand the hype with people who are nothing really special. Kung sino pa ang may substance, talent at interesting personality, ‘yun pa ang hindi masyadong pinapansin, and I don’t think Kitchie seemed interesting at all.

At least I have said it all. Medyo may writer’s block pa nga ako, eh. Hindi ko talaga ma-gets ang hype with Kitchie if in fact she’s nothing really that special after all. She’s only a pretty face with an ipit voice, and that’s it.


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