Ch*nk* eyes and flat nose for a Western person… naaahhhht!

Chinky eyes and flat nose for a non-Eurasian person definitely does not look good. Instead, you’re only making the most “exotic” of all native-looking people more attractive!

No, I’m not promoting racism in any way. Over my dead body if someone calls me racist, but I’m not.

Ok… here goes…


Seriously, Suri Cruise as a toddler was even more cuter than when she hasn’t yet reached one year old. I would even say that genuine East Asian infants are waaaaaaaayyyyyy cuter… and I’d say that Shiloh is still cuter despite being a tomboy. HAHA.

But what’s even worse is that…|From a semi-literal ugly duckling to a fully-grown empress.

That’s the worst case scenario for Kate Hudson! Chinky eyes, flat nose for a white person… naaaaah. She’s very unlucky that she had those features, even that distinctive minus-A cup! How weird is that!? HAHA! (Wait, were you errr… craved with… nah!)

Well, she’s even prettier these days, especially when she got a boob job (It’s a good thing that you took that consideration, throw that man-chest away!).

You cannot even buy a funny face without any comic skills. Poor Kate. Go ask Eddie Murphy for some clown advice.

12ozprophet|This is how they look like altogether!

Sorry guys, but if you really want a Caucasian person with Asian features, Bjork is the right answer. No wonder she’s dark-brown haired, but why the hell should she dye it black!? Geez, no wonder she’s really mistaken for an Asian woman.

Nope, I don’t find them f*gly, actually. I never liked the way they’re hailed as “ethereal.” For what? The circus!? LOL, you cannot even judge, but somehow, there are some people who are really weird-looking.

Cronies in the workplace… or let’s say face value shizz

Hollywood never learned from the Korean style of training their talents (although their reputation is to “manufacture” talents) or maybe they’re painstakingly lowering their standards. Granted, Hollywood is overrated and at the same time, nakakaumay, but if you want to know why I’m cringing at those people who don’t even know how to evaluate well — that’s their problem. HAHA. Peace out.


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