Indeed, Cheung Pak Chi really had a boob job

Cup-C boobs for a stick-thin woman!? NAH, I don’t buy those things. I think it’s for gifted women, but I don’t find it attractive.

…but nothing beats the basketball-ish bosom of Jolin Tsai!

NAAAAHHH… her boobs are too small during this time…

I really don’t get the fuzz why it’s “good-looking” for skinny women to have a cup-C chest. It does look good for some reason, but puh-leeze, it makes you like a walking LOLLI~LOLLI, oh LOLLIPOP (LSS 2NE1).

I was intrigued like, “Why the hell does a super-slim person like Pak Chi has full cup-C chests!? NOT suitable for her stick-thin frame!”

It was then revealed that she had a boobjob! HAHAHAHA. Remember, twice! The second time she did it was when she went to Korea to have it re-done.

Korea!? Well, no wonder it would do the trick better. Some sagging boobs may not be real at all… hmmm…|Oh In Hye’s too daring! GAH, DAFEYK nose!

To think that she’s Korean, Oh In Hye has real tits, which does NOT suit her frame at all. Quoting Sophie Monk, she’d rather be small-chested because of her skinny frame. Oo nga naman, pangit naman tingnan kung super slim ka tapos cup-C parin ang boobs mo. Hindi talaga bagay sa katawan mo, unless your body type is like Phoemela Barranda, Iwa Moto or Miranda Kerr.

Well, Oh In Hye should have NEVER worn that dress in that certain event a year ago. In fact, that does not even suit her either. It is suited for small-chested people who have a small B-cup or below. Pero proud pa siya, ah.

However, I still find it bastusin. What can you do with someone with that tits yet wears a dress like that, pangit ‘di ba?

But… don’t laugh or take this against me when I show you this one (in fact this is even more disturbing…


It’s obvious that Cecilia’s boobs are absolutely fake. You could really tell kung cleavage niya ay parang lambak na. What’s even more disturbing is that, Cecilia’s body shape sucks! Kumbaga, hindi pang-sexy star ang magiging trabaho niya, hindi ba?

Well, it’s not really bad to get a boob job, actually. However, I’m really very sorry, but boob jobs did really work well on some people like Phoem Barranda and Kate Hudson.


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