What child!? No thank you

Before, I wanna have kids.

However, the feeling of being a mother is a very big responsibility. Even though I would tie the knot, it’s even much better for me to be a childless wife.

Now why the hell is having children a very big deal in the Philippines? Maybe if you really love children, you might be urged to err… marry and settle down and shit. However, for me, I believe that I can never be a great mother.

NO WAY. I wanna work, work, uh-huh.

Nah, joking. Well, it’s just that I wanna enjoy more than taking responsibility. Look, raising your own family is something that you should take consideration of — first, be a role model. Second, you should be ready to err… be a good leader and a servant. Third, you should have good habits, and fourth, well… I really do not know, maybe don’t feel insecure at teen moms.

I guess being a mom at the 30’s would be more OK. Iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon.

There are reasons why couples separate — conflicting whether to raise their own family or not, but I believe that it’s much better that you should be career-oriented — in a way that you balance your work with family.

There are so much to mention why I can never be a good parent:

1.) Being a role model – Of course, who wants a mother who err… follows the path of has-beens who are now suffering from vice overdose? Well, I’m not doing those things at least, but for me, it’s not conducive to err… being a hypocrite like, “Duuuuude, you must go to church” if I’m not a church person at all.

2.) I am used to being wakeful (puyat) – Things like these really does make you a hypocrite to your children like, “Sleep early.” In fact, you should practice what you preach most of the time.

3.) I am OC, you know that! – Nope, you really cannot blame me for being OC, and being a parent does not need OC-ness at all.

4.) Well, me momma has more experience, 100% guaranteed! – Raising children of my own is something I could never imagine in the future — or at least, be in that place. First of all, I can’t even cook, drive or maybe pay the bills. Also, I go late to school oftentimes, I cram, I usually do not do work on time (oh noes, we’re going down on this), or any bad habit. Thinking about work vs. raising a family, doing your job should be done first before settling down. Well, that’s it. HAHA.

5.) Compare and Contrast – This is me most HATED part of being a parent. Usually, when you have two children, most people would compare, “Oh, this dude is so flat-nosed!” Sometimes, there are white parents who have dark children and are often discriminated/backfought. Sounds exaggerating!? If you think about being compared to your uber-handsome and tall brother, think again. You’re going to doubt yourself — why the hell did I fall for this person, anyway!?


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