Another intrigue: How does Trina look like in person!?

Spoiler alert!|’Yan ang without makeup! This is a close sample of how she looks in person.|Heto rin, same lang.

Other pics… click some of the links:

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

LOL, reduce the cheekbones and eyebags, that’s how she looks like in person. No questions asked.

More pics:

Pic 4

Evidence that she is left-handed…

She stated in K-Zone that she’s left-handed. Well… there are some lefties who play guitar with their right.|This is the first photo that I saw… tama nga! LOL|No wonder she has the tat on the RIGHT hand.

Actually, I’d say that she’s prettier before. However, she’s no longer the same Kitchie that I know. After all, she’s only a pretty face who sings as if there is no tomorrow.


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