Georgina Wilson without makeup…

Hmmmm… may pics na maganda, meron namang hindi. Pero overall, she only looks like a generic mestiza at the end of the day.|Infairness ang cute niya dito, parang hindi siya. Malayuan parang si Angelica Panganiban (err light makeup).|Siguro pretty lang siya sa TV.|Ahaha, sabi na nga!|This is how she really looks in person without makeup! Oh noes, que horror!

Well, despite her haughty attitude, I’d say that she is not that pretty, but not very homely either. In fact, I’d say that she’s a typical generic mestiza. She should be thankful that she’s beauty and brains, but that’s about it. She has no proven talent except for modelling.

Look at those eyebrows! Too thin and lifeless! I’d prefer thick eyebrows (DUH! That does not make you manly at all) than looking a la Mutya Buena or Yulia Volkova.

However, I’d say that, “Duuuuude, you have no right of any form to brag about your beauty and brains, show some talent first aside from modelling!”


2 thoughts on “Georgina Wilson without makeup…

  1. You nailed it. Her beauty is so generic that there is nothing special about it. Models should have their signatures like gisele bundchen – her super curvy backbone. Adriana’s sharp eyes. etc, but this girl she…very common.

    • Yeah, I thought she’s really very pretty even without makeup. Turns out she’s not extra-ordinarily pretty compared to the rest of the supermodels out there.

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