Different types of typing languages… or so they say

hNdi nMn mXdHoWhzSx
n0 m0aawwww bc0z i cAnNoT tHnK Lyk u… hahaha


gNi2 aQ mGtype dTi… d mAn s0syAL, pRo d nmn aq jejemon.

Well, a blogger’s way to be recognized is… stop being a jejemon! HAHAHA, no one will even recognize you, and no one will believe you. AT ALL.

Ayos lang maging jologs o bakya, basta h’wag lang magmukhang jeje.

Waaaaaaay before 2007…

i rly lyk d way he stared at me… uso ngeon ung mging jejemon nung araw n un. txt language ang gnagmit dti… hndi nmn lam kung bkt cool ang mging jeje.pro ngaun ndi n.mka n kming j0l0gz n2. nk2twa ung cnabi nya dti…

aminin n ntn.mga jeje tau dti pro dhl indi n ktanggap-tnggap ung speech ntn, dpt tma lht ang spelling, ang jejetext, pang txt msg lng ok?

tngnan nyu nmn oh. d kya ok ung text ng mga jejemon… not gud. i rly h8 d way ppl thnk bout me coz i rly err… typ on twitter wd korek spelling nd dats it. hehe.

d n aq snay mg-typ ng jeje ngeon, prang d n aq un. ang dialog q, ndi jeje. dpt ganun rin 4 other bloggers… kc ang jeje, d rin mgu2s2hn ng mga tao un.

tma nga cla… d pedeng i-spell out n lng ntn lht dba? being a jejemon suckzsx! i rly h8 being a jejemon bcoz ppl won’t evr understand me dialect or lezzay, ppl who thnk im jologz.

nk2irita tngnan ang mga nging blog posts q dit. mukha tlg aqng jejemon. hahahaha.

gud thng fb ang meon. d n q jejemon ngaun. msya kya! being a j3j3m0n doesnt make me mahself anymoaw… pra aqng gangztr sa kan2… d kya ok un.

Notice that I had a very hard time typing in a jeje way… well, I used to be a jeje b4 (whoopsie! HAHAHAHA), but then I realized that being a jejemon isn’t cool… it makes you look like a tambay in the kanto like, eww.

Joke joke joke! No way should I underestimate people who look and act like a jeje online. Well, for me, you could still be jologs or bakya without being jeje, kas nakakairita lang kapag jejemon ka.

When people ask me, “Why the hell do you text in a jeje way to your momma?” I’d say, “Ano ba naman ‘yan, eh shortcut, duh hahahaha.”

I don’t like to be a jeje, and look like one. Ewwww… people could still not look like a jeje at all.

I would rather text in this way…

gud am. labyu 2. mwahugs.

Or maybe this…

gwapa kaau jud! hahahah.

Worst case scenario:

e0w pF0wHzSx!? mKa aQng j3j3 pNget xA 4evur! jejejeje.

Now how do people type?

Formal, high-maintenance (or let’s say… meynteynance) people:

I’d like to address this worst-case scenario to our dear leader, who is honored to speak in front of us and discuss the problems of our society. Also, I feel like that this is the best part of our programme.

Notice that there are no such thing as… smileys, or maybe unnecessary elipsis.

However… this is how a casual blogger types:

Oh… not really. I don’t think she’s reaaaaally that pretty at all. Now what the hell is so special about this person, anyway? After all, she’s only a pretty face. Bar none. >.<

Of course, there are emoticons and certain elipsis here, and word exaggerations.

This is how lazy people type:

it really makes me laugh when she assumes that it was me who wrote to her, oh boy she’s such a sucker on those things haha

Obviously… you’re not observing punctuation and capitalization… oh wait a minute! We’re not talking about capitalism right here jejejejeje…

Lastly, this is how jejemon people type:

1.) The text text people

not rly i dont thnk shes very gud, bad actress vry jeje nd btch!

2.) The err… sticky caps ppl

n0t rLy… nDi aQ mHLiG x d0tA eH.,.,.,.

3.) The password-jeje people

nD1 kY4! nK2sWa n tLg 3h!

Peace out guys! I’m only showing samples of err… jeje stuff.

For me, typing in a text message manner does shape up your language. For instance, your thick, heavy accent is very very obvious when speaking the mother tongue or maybe English. Well, we cann’t blame you for speaking in English in a certain accent like, “You you!? Gibberish you!?”


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