Annoying hardcore fan comments

Eh ano ngayon kung ayaw ko kina Mariel at kay CR?

…at pwede ba, hindi lang basta-basta magandang mukha at malaking pakwan ang hinahangaan to the rabid level!?

Please read Roxyisferox’s article about Mariel and AA… for your enlightenment.

Granted, sabi nila pretty si Mariel in person, however… hindi naman siya standout eh. Nakaka-aya lang dahil makinis siya. However, I’d say that Mariel is more on photogenic, NOT telegenic in some way. Kumbaga, maganda siya sa still photograph(s), pero sa video, hindi naman masyado.

Okay, so to speak, it’s good for her to not earn her “fame” once more because of what she did in PBB. Poor Robin Padilla, he rather ended up on someone who isn’t as pretty and HOT like the rest of his exes.

I really don’t care if you’re going to defend her, anyways, she’s got the ugliest voice ever!

Same with Cristine Reyes. People who will say that she’s being an “honest” person will deny that they’re her “fans.” It’s obvious that you’re as showbiz-y as her, and it’s no doubt that even Pete Ampoloquio created a blind item regarding hers (check out blind items, mamamangha talaga kayo!). Kumpara niyo naman kay Katrina Halili, at least ‘yun, may PEXer na nagsabi na mabait raw ‘yun sa personal. Also, Katrina Halili is not the typical bastusin sexy star na palengkera ang peg. Truth is, she’s feisty without being pa-cute and pa-awa effect. Ganyan siya hinahangaan. Despite the scandal, Katrina is still active, although not as active as what she used to be.

Truth is, there is NOTHING REALLY VERY SPECIAL on both Mariel and AA. They’re only matured-looking twats who are even worse than malandi. Lalo na si AA, mang-aagaw na nga, inaaway pa niya ang mga naging gf ng mga inagaw niyang mga lalaki! Nakakasuya, grabeh! Also, what talent? Granted, Mariel is OK at hosting, but that’s about it. Cristine may have “improved” her acting, but it’s still lacking. I wonder why ABS-CBN used to overrate Mariel (and dumping her while they place AA to fame, or infamy) the rabid way. They’re both infamous, to clarify things.

I do not admire stars who do pa-cute and pa-awa effect. Nakakasuya, nakakasuka, at nakakaumay. Buti pa ang mga ina-accuse na plastic diyan, at least they know how to handle themselves very well. Our showbiz industry is always defeated by Hollywood — well at least in Hollywood, what you see is what you really get. If people there are bitches, they really are bitches. If they really are nice, they really are nice. Unlike sa local, tinitingala pa ‘yung mga walang breeding na “prangka’t palaban” kuno tapos ang mga super-duper nice ang image, ‘yun pa ang inaakalang plastik. Our society talaga, oh! Fucked up to the higheset level!

Oh, may I conclude that these fans are really good in commenting, lalo na kapag nasa PinoyExchange pa sila, let’s see if they could even lambast Roxyisferox (I bet, they would go for a time-out!).


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