Ang tarush! Pati byuti ko naloloka na rin!

Check out the extreme right thingy!

I know there’s something very fishy going on here, and I bet there’s really something why I really hate uttering it!

Some of you guys might be “bad stalkers.” To get this straight, it’s okay to be a stalker, for as long as it is with good intentions. I’m really against “bad stalkers,” like, oo nga, stalker ka pero hater ka naman.

I’m not generalizing you people as stalkers, well, I don’t really care at all if you’re a stalker, admirer or not. Pero if you’re a hater with rude intentions (or bad intentions), I suggest you rather not read this blog.

OH, AND DON’T YOU HAVE THIS SENSE OF HUMOR!? Tingnan niyo naman, nang-ookray lang naman ako ng mga artista, like hello, affected much!?

Seriously, I believe there are some of you rabid white knights defending most celebrities with err… attitude problem or let’s say, A LOT OF ISSUES. While some of you guys condemn people who are reputable because they’re blah blah, eh, what do you think of people na nagkaroon ng napakaraming issues, huh?

You may deny that you’re not fans of those people, it’s obvious that you’re too defensive. Okay, MAS BASTOS PA AKO kesa sa inaakala niyo. You may hide your real name but no one knows what the truth really is — most of the time, white knights and people who are rabid in defending their idols tend to post hate and rude comments against the author… ano ba ang inaakala niyo sa akin!? Si Pete Ampoloquio? Si Bashing 101!?

Hindi ako kolumnista. May sarili akong opinyon, at pwede ba, ‘wag naman kayong bastos, ‘no? Kung kayo nga, aber… baka hindi niyo rin makayanan ang mga pang-ookray laban sa inyo.

I seriously hate it when people think I’m below the belt to comment. Este, I could stoop down to one’s level if I want to — and it usually depends on the situation. Hindi lang basta-basta bait-baitan ako sa blog — what you see is what you get. I don’t act or play clean online, even though you would deny that a million times — playing clean only makes you more stupid.

At ako confused fan ng isang cabaret queen na si AA? HELL NO, I’m never going to be a fan of someone who is really a skank. Ask the people from, most of them really dislike AA. If you’d like to access my Twitter, most of the people I have replied to are AA haters. Ganun ako ka-avid maging hater, damihan ang koneksyon, then swak! Follow kaagad!

I hate name-dropping here, but if I were to do so, well, why not (** and ****… I have a big mouth! Mark my word!)? Also, I’m not as fierce as the ever-ferocious foxy_roxy. Just in case you’re going to badmouth her, she’s even worse than I do — and she thinks more critically than I do as well.

However, I’d say that even the “fake Miley person — libog biatchee version” would lambast me as well. Pero nakakairita din naman siya, eh, alongside JW. I hate dealing with those people, and if I were to be asked, I’d rather not make patol of these people. Oo na, iritable ako sa iritable, but testing my patience doesn’t mean you could be the “winner” of the battle. At the end of the day, there’s no winner or loser; it’s only that how you deal with people would be the only thing that people would have a big deal with.

So to speak, daig pa nga kayo ng isa kong naging “hater,” eh! Hater guy who turns out to sound ridiculous than annoying — parang nagiging more of a clown siya than being painstakingly irritating to read. Alam niyo, if he were to post rude comments on my blog, I would still answer back at him and LMAO ~ deal with that guy and you’ll find him really, very funny to deal with.

Here are his sample comments:

pucca? still watching cartoons, so retard rofl

LOL, parang nang-aasar pa nga siya, eh! After all, you’ll realize that the person who posted rude against you would sound funnier rather than irritating.

OH MY. I know who that guy is. He does not show up anymore because he’s a coward. WELL… maybe he changed, we just do not know about it.

Pero please, if you have nothing nice to say at all, it’s better not to read this blog. I do not need to re-educate you or re-iterate what the appropriate opening words… no need to Google it, either.


2 thoughts on “Ang tarush! Pati byuti ko naloloka na rin!

  1. Umincrease ang viewership mo simply because sa mga pro-AA stalkers?!??!?! Kaloka nga yan! Grabe, pwede na makipagkumpetensya ang mga AAdicts sa mga S♥nes (SNSD fanclub name) kung ka-rabid-an ang paguusapan o sa mga ELF. The only difference is that the reputation of the idols of ELFs and S♥nes (Super Junior and SNSD, respectively) never had the reputation of talking smack against a fellow celebrity on cyberspace, and if they did something wrong, they will apologize and change for the better. SUJU and SNSD will never be perfect, but they have grown into more mature celebrities and their talents are better than before. AA, on the other hand, talent remains stagnant, attitude remained shitty as always, pero anjan parin mga AAdiks, rabid pa rin.

    Pasensya na, mejo puyat ako… since 5 am pa ako walang tulog.

    • At hindi lang yun. Actually, it’s only one person who did continue lambasting me so I blocked her instead. KSP masyado at nagpapaka-bitter sakin yun. Also, they keep on denying that they’re fans of AA (and Mariel) at the same time. Yung isa kasi, nag-give up na (o natakot hahaha), but the other gusto talaga ako ma-detract kaya galit na galit ako nun eh. Also, dun sa people without makeup si SG at si Dara ang nagkaroon ng positive remarks sakin. The rest? Well, that hater said that I don’t even know how to appreciate the beauty of other stars (kasama na si AA dun). Eh it turns out that AA is the most chaka of them without makeup.

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