For the nth time, hindi ako si Pete Ampoloquio o si Bashing101

Whoever the hell you two guys are, you are nothing compared to that ch*nk.

At least the ch*nk is easier to argue with, and not to mention his ridiculous rants and comments are even funnier and MORE fun to read, sana ganun rin kayo ka-sarcastic. Hindi naman siya ‘yung tipong nakakairita basahin eh.

I mean, why can’t you be as “funny” as he is.

Oh, to that ch*nk, beh, ‘kaw nga mag-rant dito! NYAHAHAHA.

Also, his English is really funny as well.

Another thing, hindi naman ako kasing professional nina Bashing 101 at Pete Ampoloquio. They’re two established writers who could make lambastments, unlike you… show me your blogs, I’ll tell you what’s being professional vs. being and looking ridiculously-funny like the “ch*nk.”


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