There’s something I want all of you to read

Kawawa ka naman grrr, D! at ?. Ikaw na perfect, ikaw na magaling, bravo! Bilib talaga ako sa’yo!

Anong ikinaganda mo sa pagiging “malinis” mo eh tingnan mo nga naman… baka mamaya daig ka pa ni Amalayer, noh! HAHAHA!

Now I’m not going to slut-shame someone. I think it really made me very irritated at the same time, I wanna punch that person out of the blog. No kidding.

One policy that I want to tell you all: If you have NOTHING nice to say, then you are not entirely welcome in this blog.

So what I did is to screencap her statement (dunno if that’s a guy or a girl… but I think that person’s a SHE):


Eh pisting yawa pala siya, eh! My response was:

Ikaw na perfect at maka-Diyos, pero akala mo naman kung sinong umasta, parang kinokontra mo na rin ang sarili mo. Pakialamera, epal, potah… wala nang magawa sa buhay, ‘yun ka! Pero heto tatandaan mo, you are still coward! Feeling righteou
s, you have no more fucking brain at all… and please I don’t need those enhancements! I think your face is uglier and so does your body shape… and I believe you are of the same height as Mahal.

Oh, may ipagmamayabang ka ba, aber!?

My Official Facebook page was flooded with all the angry rants I have made. Yeah, I know that person does not LIVE IN THE PHILIPPINES AT ALL because the time she send those messages were before midnight. Maybe somewhere in the Middle East or in the United States of America.

I already re-iterated for the nth time that I’m no way to be like Pete Ampoloquio or Bashing 101 — two popular writers who lambast celebrities for their mischief and whatnot. That hater is really, getting me wrong — VERY WRONG.

I have certain favorites as well, but I’d rather not mention them in this blog is because, my official blog covers all the positive sides of a celebrity. Kumbaga, nilipat ko lang dito ‘yung mga celebrity chizmax (because it’s too inappropriate to bash celebrities there).

I don’t care kung iiyak-iyak siya at magsusumbong sa mga kamag-anak niya na “ay, ganito-ganyan!” HELLO!? Now who the hell is that person, anyway!? I do not know her personally AT ALL.

Now what’s even more irritating is that, she won’t stop until I give up to her. However, at the end of the day, she won’t ever access this blog anymore. Why? I have blocked the IP address. Meaning, she’s forbidden to lambast me, anyways.

Grabe! Nakakahiya naman sa part niya, oh! And besides, she does not even know who Pete Ampoloquio and Bashing 101 are… mas lalo naman kapag si Pipitblog ang nakaharap niya.

The second time I have ranted:

…and who told you that BAWAL mang-okray ng artista, ah? Okay lang mang-okray ng artista, kasi artista naman sila, eh. They learned the art of dedma. They’re not ordinary people who are either bullied or snubbed. Mag-search ka sa PinoyExchange at sa GirlTalk, sa PEP, are there any people who will never make okray of other celebrities? I have my own set of favorite artistas naman, eh, it’s only that I do not like artistas who appear to be haughty, arrogant, conceited, rude, bratty, bitchy and most of all, someone without proper breeding. Kaya mo lang sinasabing magaling akong manlait ng ibang artista dahil akala mo naman mga Diyosa ang mga artista (as in all of them)? HELL NO! Also, do your research. Kung pangit talaga ang artista sakin, pangit talaga. Kung maganda siya, maganda rin, it’s really in our opinion… you’re only butthurt enough NOT to appreciate chismis blogs that have hates and likes at the same time. Ang mga hindi ko masyadong pinag-iinitan sa blog, ‘yun ang mga faves ko. I’d rather appreciate people who have class and breeding naman kahit papano rather than obnoxious people who do not observe proper breeding and CLAIM that they’re totoong tao. Akala mo naman sa sarili mo duwag ka, hindi ka nanlalait ng mga artista!? Hayan ka! At isa pa, you’re JEJE enough to make me laugh or please me… kawawa ka naman, sana makarma ka rin, dahil sinira mo na pagkatao ko, at sisirain ko pa ng todo ang pagkatao mo. Remember that.

Normal naman talaga na may chizmax blog, eh! Ask Fashion Pulis, do you think life will work without chismis!? I don’t think so.

Call me someone without proper breeding, however, if you haven’t explored this blog yet, well, I’m not asking you to do so. People should know that.

Eh ano ngayon with the slimming tea and height enhancer!? Bakit, is she 5’8″ and above and 98 lbs. to say that!? Hindi ako magtataka kung na-bully rin siya because of her short height and BMI — I would LMAO if I hear something regarding that.

The other commentor who called me pathetic — buti pa nga ‘yun, that person left na eh! Hahaha, believe in the power of intimidation! (Correction, I would stoop down to anyone’s level if I have to!)

Also, I have written in Tumblr this one:

Stop pestering me, or else I’ll hit you hard!

[I really won’t care if you’ll say, “WHO F*CKING CARES!?” This is my blog and I could post anything good or bad here!]

Granted that I usually rant and make okray online, but when you know me better, I’m a great friend to be with, despite being forever alone. However, once you piss me off, I will not even dare respond to you — I would appear cold, and be thankful that I will never rage out unless you started it all. In the blogosphere, well, watch out — I might as well hit your asses hard.

After all, that “hater” who wrote the post is the FIRST PERSON to provoke me like this. Alam ko pang tambay pa nga ‘yun eh!


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