AA Klenk and Reber Cross break-up again!? Now who the hell cares!?

“…and the overrated-ness is getting fucking retarded!” – Roxyisferox

Now who, in the history of mankind, should even give a single fuck about this issue!?

Istoryahe rin ang first issue ng break-up nila, eh. Wala rin. It is claimed that they’re still on, maybe because of “damage control” something. Well, totoo naman, eh! It’s only that ABS-CBN is trying to flaunt their very own pambansang hubadera who is no other than Cristine “SkankelinAA” Reyes.

Also, ganyan rin naman because they’re only going to tell us that Rayver replaced Joross Gamboa because Gerald misses Reber and shit… but we know that it’s more sincere that CR is a prima donna.

Niloloko niyo ba kami, DOS!?

Oh noes, compare Cristine to the likes of Sarah Geronimo, Yeng Constantino and Alodia Gosiengfiao (who are older than her by months/a year) — the latter three were never as sextoy-ish as SkankelinAA (Plus, they’re waaaaaaaaaay more talented and wholesome). It’s even more insulting when comparing SkankelinAA to Bea Alonzo, Maja Salvador, Kristine Hermosa or maybe Julia Montes. If ABS-CBN is still flaunting a skank, sa’n pa sila pupulutin!?

OMG… I suggest nobody should support ABS-CBN anymore. It’s getting rabid, and that’s about it! Even Rayver is overrated as well, but I feel sorry for him — well YEAH, his career is sort of flunking because he chose to be with the skank rather than fighting his balls for his love for the demure popstar. Oh well. He even attested how hard it is to give up on Sarah.

If the freaking break-up issue is true or not, I don’t give a f*ck about it anymore.


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