True, there’s nothing really special with Trina

Another comment from Cha Gascon’s blog:

bonelski said,

True, in our country, I dont understand why face value matters more than the talent…Maganda ka nga pero sa live gig, di mo naman kaya abutin yung notes, eh ewan ko nalang. The only reason why she became famous is because of the collaboration between her and the members of the band, the original ones namely, Mr Jeff de castro, Mr Marco Guzman and Mr Aaron (forgot his last name…slipped my mind)..who painstakingly contributed to the lyrics, melody, etc. which was a group effort.. but because of greed…sinipa nila ng walang kaabog-abog yung mga tumulong sa kanya to reach her success..dahil syempre, tuwing may gig, equally divided and kita nila…pero pag session players nalang ang kinuha nila, di mas malaki kita nila ng manager nya di ba?? So what goes around comes around…may album na bang lumabas after that? WALA NA DI BA?? Puro revivals nalang ata…at biglang nawala sa limelight…The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh…Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, hindi makakarating sa paroroonan…and lastly, give credit where credit is due!!!

I’d say that even Charice Pempengco is waaaaaay more talented and has more substance than Kitchie Nadal (albeit without the guitar, piano, and I think Charice’s voice is really powerful). Another thing, mas powerful naman ang boses ni Charice and she could belt out high notes.

Also, please don’t get me started on her so-called beauty — duh! She looks average compared to the likes of Barbie Almalbis, Yeng Constantino, Sarah Geronimo, Angela Aki, Sitti Navarro (she’s prettier in person actually) and other singers with more substance. I do not see any substance at Kitchie at all.

Well-said, bonelski! Kung sino pa ‘yung magandang mukha, siya pa ‘yung hinahangaan… however, I heard or have read that someone stated that Kitchie won’t ever be popular if not for the Koreanovela Lovers in Paris. Ganun lang ka-simple ‘yun, she won’t ever have a break without that Korean series.

lilly of PinoyExchange said:

beat her? well how about Cynthia Alexander? Aia de Leon of Imago? dami pa dyan. Bayang Barrios, Grace Nono etc. funny thing thing how the masses equate musical greatness with looks. you guys have talked more about her video and how cute and yummy she is rather than her music. go ahead and check this thread. nothing against kitchie of course. she did touch a lot of people with wag na wag mong sasabihin, i have to give her credit for that, but the sad thing is, after that song, wa na, that’s it. her follow up songs were not legit hits, just sustaining songs. my basis? the eraserheads. kitchie, in my book has a long way to go. i hope her next album will have more aurally stimulating tunes. i wana hear her and not just stare at her picture in the album. the best female opm artist? i don’t think so.

See? Kahit siya hindi rin ganun ka-impressed. Let’s see when Miriam Defensor-Santiago comment about Kitchie — kasi hindi rin siya na-impress kay J-Lo, eh (she’s a lover of classical music — now we know where she got her big brain!).

lilly again said:

sorry. what i meant is that wag na wag was the only song from run to deliverance and bulong that got everybody’s attention. when seeing her live compared to wag na wag, ang tataas ng mga kanta niya, and people just dig it when she plays that one song. everybody has that potential to be the best female opm artist. but at this point in time its not her. let’s go up to the standard of the past artists that had more than one hit in ONE album. for me it does not matter if kitchie is solo and in a band like the way you compared her to Aia. were talking about female artists wether it be solo or in a band, like cooki chua and others. you are correct in saying that its sad that i am discounting her because she is overhyped. you said it all there. its all over hype. i will respect her if she comes out with more songs that can touch millions like wag na wag, pero until she does that, for me she, will always be a one hit wonder with a very pretty face. again only time will tell and we will see and i wish the best. she has a lot of pressure on her shoulders to come up with another hit. again im not dissing her. i have nothing against her. what my gripe is how music talent is judged nowadays. its not fair. not even for kitchie. kaka insulto for idolizing a musician for looks than for the actual work he or she has done. here is food for thought, in this day and age, if kitchie looked like sme brusco dude with a lot of zits, singing wag na wag, i wonder if this thread would even be up. peace

Ako rin naman, eh. Hindi ako hater or fan, pero hindi ko rin ma-gets ‘yung hype with her. Lilly is right, Trina is only a pretty face (that, again, looks average — nothing special).

stranded7 of PEX ranted:

i hate kitchie nadal! i hate hearing about how she’s so beautiful. i hate how everybody listens to her songs. they’re not that good! if people would just try to listen to other types of music, they would discover that there are lots of other artists who are better than kitchie. this is all just hype. people tend to like a certain song just because it’s the “in” thing or something. i hope there’d be more people who could develop some kind of taste in music. and by taste, i don’t mean loving kitchie and her songs.

woooooohh… wag na wag mong sasabihin… GAHHHHHHHHH!!! it makes me wanna ****!

Whooo, I feel your pain bro. At least hindi nag-iisa si Cha Gascon.

And those people there calling this person insecure!? At least I am not alone, Cha Gascon is not alone as well. Totoo naman ang sinabi niya, eh. It’s all about the hype — magnifying someone who isn’t that special at all.

Granted, magaganda naman talaga ang mga songs ni Kitchie Nadal, however, there’s nothing really special about her voice. The ‘Wag na ‘Wag mong Sasabihin is, for crying out loud, overrated enough compared to Same Ground, Pangarap and Bulong.

If you think that having a pretty face is the only way for you to become a singer — that’s one of the problems of the Filipino society. You cannot evaluate someone’s talent with a pretty face alone, so look where Kitchie is now — she’s no longer active in the music industry; well, if not for her so-called beauty, she wouldn’t be that famous.

kc said:

Actually i quite agree to cha..kitchie’s not quite good in live performances, you can’t feel the energy that you hear in the album..and she’s out of key often most especially on the high notes….and about her songs, the credit should actually be given to her band (before, coz we all know she kicked them out, for a reason i dont know)..we have to credit her guitarist (ang galing nun dude!), who arranged most if not all her not picking a fight, just sharing my opinions…to her fans, go ahead appreciate her, but be more open to other peoples have to admit, the stuff i said above are quite true, and she’s not all dont be too perfect about her..

True, as in kulang talaga siya sa charisma. Well, she should be thankful that she has a God-given beauty (oh, AA! That is not retoke-fied!).


What I do hate about her is how her voice sounds. Just listen to any of her songs. All of them sounds like her voice was piped through some sort of distortion device. Plus, the lyrics to some of her more famous songs do need a bit of work.

I did like her back when she was with mojofly though.

Oh noes… she sounds like Britney.

…and please, if not for Lovers in Paris, she will not be famous. Imagine, that song is really good, but too mainstream-ish. You may insist that she’s really that “special,” but the reason why I said that she looks average is because of the dark eyebags and protruding cheekbones. I don’t think me momma would think she’s pretty either.

kid notorious:

si kitchie! hype! no talent in singing. lam nyo un ung paos na di mo malaman. gusto ko xa before nung d pa xa sumikat pero nang pagsawaan ng mga jologs ang kanta niya nakakasawa na. haha! totoo naman eh. it’s better to listen to garage type bands than those bands/singers/artists rocker wanna be’s! she’s all HYPE. d ko xa cncraan. i’m just saying there are artists way better than her.

Amen to that.

But he/she uttered a good side:

sana di na lang siya sumikat. mas ok kasi pag ung artist/band hindi over-exposed. tinotodo kasi nila sa HYPE eh! nagsasawa tuloy ang mga tao. and it is true that Kitch is religious. i admire that about her. naks! i’m just in the middle, i don’t hate her, i don’t like her that much also.

For crying out loud, this person has the brains to speak out.

ako =] said:

si kitchie… well there’s nothing special about her… just the typical punk-rocker-wanna-be… i mean the only reason why she gained popularity is because her song was chosen to be the tagalog theme song for LOVERS IN PARIS… and well im not much of a fan of LOVERS IN PARIS neither…

Yeah. Well, I have never heard of Mojofly before she became famous. Uh-oh. Even though I am a fan of Lovers in Paris (Korean!) way back then, yes, she only became famous because of that song. Bar none.

Nobody could accept the fact that she’s now a has-been, since she no longer became active in the music industry. If you insist that she’s still active, then why doesn’t she earn fame today just like how she garner it way back then? Now we know there’s something really fishy right here!

Cha Gascon has a point. Kitchie did not simply part from Mojofly just because of school. Just so you know, she no longer became that active in the music industry because even though she graduated from DLSU, why the hell did she not pursue that music career of hers? Sayang naman kung ganoon. After all, she’s nothing without Mojofly… and Lovers in Paris.


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