MNET Awards! Yee-haw! Plus random thoughts

S’yempre, I would not blog about this if not because of Roxyisferox praising Sarah Geronimo for winning an award!

Song of the Year: Psy – “Gangnam Style”
Best Asian Artist Award: Wang Lee Hom
Best Asian Artist Award (Japan): AKB48
Best Asian Artist Award (Philippines): Sarah Geronimo
Best Asian Artist Award (Vietnam): My Tam
Best Asian Artist Award (Singapore): Taufik Batisah
Best Asian Artist Award (Indonesia): Agnes
Best Asian Artist Award (China): Chris Lee


It is no doubt that Gangnam Style would be that praiseworthy. Well, compared to the likes of “Teach Me How to Dougie” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

Other people highlighted are Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) and AKB48. Chris Lee is an androgynous Chinese singer from Sichuan, and YES, she deserves the award. Despite showing off an androgynous image, she still does not fail to set a good example to the youth. Another is AKB48, well, it is also expected that they would win a MNET award as well — I really do commend Atsuko Maeda and Sayaka Akimoto.

Last but not the least, it is no other than Sarah Geronimo who deserves an award.|SARAH G FOREVER

YAY SARAH! Boo Charice! LOLjk.

It is no doubt that Sarah would win an award because she never fails to set a good example and be a role model to the youth. Could Charice do the same as well!? Not a chance. O-M-G, she even went to The Buzz, para magpa-interview. Wait, are you Tito Sotto!? You must learn the art of dedma… tapos you would only “dis-educate” yourself like that!? Tama si Donya Angelika meme, mukha kang kwek-kwek bird, and you’re trying so hard to look like Justin Beaver.

Also, it should be taken note that Charice Pomponkan (este Pempengco) is still NOTHING compared to SG. Yeah, in recent interviews, she does not even know how to speak clearly. Halatang pa-angas angas kuno tapos pa-awa effect pa siya sa The Buzz. Ang OA ng lola mo!

Isali pa natin ang worst emeny niya na si ever-slutty Cristine “skankelina” Reyes, who is doing nothing but to fap fap fap to earn a career. Is that how you make yourself on top, sans “shortcuts”? Eww, no matter how much she sings on ASAP, she will NEVER win that coveted MNET Award.

Okay, forget about AA. After all, she is crap when included here anyways.

Back to Charice. Yeah, she’s really trying oh-so hard to be an American, which is BULL-CRAP! Seriously, now I believe my other prof who prefers Arnel Pineda over Charice because Arnel wanted to live in the Philippines, unlike Charice who is emulating her American-ness while ditching her Filipino-ness. Isn’t that “treason-ish” for someone who became famous worldwide!?

Oh, and in addition, I preferred Sarah Geronimo at the height of her popularity when Kitchie Nadal became famous as well (around 2004). Now the only thing is this: Kitchie only became super famous and overhyped because she wrote and sang the song for the Korean series, Lovers in Paris (also, if not because of Mojofly, she won’t be famous as a solo artist). I mean, it’s too awkward to compare Sarah Geronimo and Kitchie Nadal, but I could really tell that the former is still rocking good unlike the latter, who is no longer that active in the music industry. What is the use of your music career if your only puhunan is a pretty face? Honestly, Sarah is more than “special” not because she’s also a pretty face and sings well (I do believe that she’s prettier in person, halata naman if you see her without makeup), but she isn’t langweilig to listen and watch compared to Kitchie. Granted na maganda rin si Kitchie in person (and at the same time she has good songs), but that’s about it. Nothing really special about her at all. If I were to be asked, Kitchie looks average to me (credits to Cha Gascon on her bashings!). You may check out other Kitchie-related articles on this blog (yeah, most likely I’m not a fan or a hater, but no, she’s nothing really special).

Seriously, Sarah deserves that award for over-all aesthetics. She never fails to deliver to the audience without being looking over-hyped, objectified and at the same time Westernized. Now I understand why Mommy Divine is irrationally-overprotective as if she manifests a “mukhang pera” impression to SG fans, but it shouldn’t be a hindrance at all. In fact, Sarah is pretty, talented and humble at the same time. In fact, she could be at-par with the following:

Sandara Park (2NE1’s Dara) – Sandara never had an account that she showed a prima donna attitude, and it shows that she could retain simplicity and a warm and welcoming arrive, despite being a Korean (plus, she’s a better trendsetter than Ayu-chan!).

Yeng Constantino – My all-time favorite rockstar. She never fails to diversify in terms of fashion and clothing (although I don’t like her bright red mane — she looks like a cartoon character!). Also, she does not think of herself as a “star” despite negative issues — like, there is almost no fan account of her being a snob or showing a prima donna attitude.

Princess Ryan – Forever idol! Despite her invisibility in the showbiz industry, she never had any issues of being a prima donna — she really is down-to-earth and she dances well — waaaaaay better than Maja Salvador. Also, she’s a stage actress; she could act even on TV, but she’s better on stage. Sadly, she’s very underrated; she has a pretty face, sexy body, has loads of talent. Oh, and I heard she’s a mother of one already (kudos! but that should never a hindrance). Ask her co-actors, they’ll really say that hindi siya ma-ere and at the same time, whatever is there, she’s ok with it.

Solenn Heussaff – Another idol! She is really pretty, talented and humble at the same time. She is always game on everything and does not also show a haughty demeanor.

These four people are reputable and at the same time, they are also qualified to set a good example and be a role model to the youth. What’s the use of having a clean record (for being a virgin before marriage, setting a good example, showing simplicity) if you have a matapobre attitude and arrogance at the same time (can I please call Bill Cosby’s attention)?

I would commend the likes of Janelle Manahan and Maricar Reyes if you’re talking about losing-virginity-but-never-fails-to-impress. Same with Denise Laurel, although I’d like to include her on the list of those four people. If you’re talking about the likes of Katrina Halili, Alessandra de Rossi, and those who are palaban on-cam, the likes of them are nice people in real life. You’ll realize how credible GMA is in terms of keeping their palaban actors — now look what happened to AA on GMA; in fact, she was expelled due to those issues. Alam niyo naman, iba sa GMA.

I don’t like to elaborate more, since I mentioned those things that I have to mention. That’s it!


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