Hell no!

MegaYangman of YouTube said:

i was a sales lady at sta.lucia dept.store a long time ago b4 i came here in mishigan.anyway gladys reyes came in along with her friends she’s so rude 2 ordinary people. she’s mataray and she think’s she’s all that. hindi cya maganda noh mapanga cya. MAKARMA KA SANA GLADYS. UR SOMETHING ELSE IF U KNOW WHAT I MEAN GLADYS REYES. AS IN MAPANGMATA KA.

I don’t think so, and there are accounts na nagsasabing Gladys Reyes is really a nice person in real life. Kelan ba nagkaroon ng issue si Gladys? I mean, I never heard her having any more issues, or fan accounts saying that she’s mataray compared to Juday. If you’re going to delve at interviews, I’d say that Juday had accounts na mataray siya — the way she speaks in interviews, most likely she’s mataray, unlike Gladys who never shows any sign of conceitedness.

Pero I’d say that siguro wala lang siya sa mood, or maybe she does not like to be disturbed while vacationing in the States.


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