Angelina Jolie might have had a boob job

IDGAF with her lip enhancers and nosejob… but due to her stick-thin frame (all thanks to her momma who is also slim), it seems that she MIGHT have a growth spurt or… had a boob job.

Got this screencap via YouTube. Yes, she was small-chested before. forums revealed via Insider:

[Angelina] especially doesn’t want her daughters to know about her multiple boob jobs, another insider adds.
“She had them enlarged just before Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, then she had them made smaller,” says the insider. “She hopes her girls never feel like they need breast augmentation.

That is magically correct! If you’d notice, it seems that Angelina’s stick frame says it all, although it’s possible for stick-thin women to get real tittays. For instance, Sophie Monk, Halle Berry, but in the case of Oh In-hye, her tits are probably not more than 50% fake. It is possible for fake tittays to sag (or to look real) if the boobjob had rather, alternatives besides that overrated silicon shit.

Ever since, I am never a fan of slim girls with cup-C and above tits (it’s better to be stick-thin with an ass, though). You seriously look like a lollipop like…|Angelina is labelled as a lollipop! Nice one!

That’s it!


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