Kate Hudson sans makeup…

dailymail.co.uk|Average, natting ispesyal…

Well… there’s NOTHING really special, except that she already has a cleavage. At least she looks more decent than her momma “Oldie” Hawn who tries too hard to look glamorous. Good job, “Tate”!

Not until you see these things…


teamsugar.com|Oh, and it seems that Kate looks BETTER without makeup on.

…and the most hilarious photo (yes, not irritating or cringe-inducing!)

izismile.com|LMAO LMAO, the usual “Fake-anese” thing!

It seems that she’s one of the stars who looks too average WITH makeup. Without makeup, you’ll really not going to deny that she’s even looking better than makeup dependent Tyra Banks or big-mouthed Julia Roberts.

After all, she’s only beauty without talent. LMAO, blooming stars like her deserve better projects.


Also, Kate looks prettier than her mom, and Goldie really looks old. Even Marcheline Bertrand (Angelina Jolie’s momma) is still more ethereal despite being deceased (Imma make a separate article on Marcheline Bertrand).


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