LMAO I’m not alone at all…

jorrgav of PinoyExchange said:

Yeng Constantino Tanduay Rhum Rockfest – very petite pero ang ganda ng mukha, nagulat pa nga ako kasi i never found her pretty, pero iba pala in person. she’s pretty.

Correct! I found her ordinary-looking at the first place, pero iba kasi sa personal. Kasi sa TV, laparitis naman kasi siyang tingnan but yeah, I really AGREE WITH YOU DUDE! \m/ Pero tiny talaga siya, eh. I think I’m taller than her about an inch or half.

Guys, believe it or not, if you insist that she’s “weird-looking” on TV, for me, she’s only ordinary. However, in person, you’ll really be starstrucked at her. She’s even more eye-catching than Cristine Reyes (kasi, for me, what she looks like on TV is the same in person, only that her face is smaller) because most accounts say that Cristine looks very ordinary, or average.


One thought on “LMAO I’m not alone at all…

  1. I believe Yeng is prettier without makeup. As in WALA TALAGANG SINABI si Cristine Takubets sa kanya.

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