Sarah and Yeng’s collaborative performance

Iba parin talaga if you’re a grand winner of a talent search show. After all, YouTube fame and hype due to a famous TV show is nothing after all.

Wait, did Justin Bieber ever became a grand winner of a talent search show, ala Philip Philips!? I don’t think so. It just happened that he’s really talented, except when he sings (OMFG… he’s like P!nk and Taylor Swift!).

Side Note: Showbiz Fame is earned THE HARD WAY

Entering show business through cronyism and nepotism is sort of an exception. First of all, you have to prove your worth first before entering the scene. For instance, people like:

– Angelina Jolie (despite being Jon Voight’s daughter, she credits her late mother Marcheline Bertrand in her showbiz career)
– Miley Cyrus (she may be Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter, but her cool personality and determination to be in showbiz is another plus point; actually she has a talent in acting)
– Alessandra de Rossi (she stated that she was envious on her “ate” Assunta, but she has the talent to act)

…they really worked hard to earn that “fame.” In Angelina’s case, she already won awards just before she became famous in Tomb Raider. She also has personal experiences before entering showbiz, so she should not be viewed as someone who would manipulate the media because she wants to be “that” famous if in fact, the media exaggerates how “charitable” she really is. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus earned her worth because she’s cool and has a great personality. Lastly, Alessandra de Rossi, despite being frank and outspoken, never stopped proving her worth. Although she is really good in acting, her skills are sort of limited to indie because she cannot afford to do kissing scenes most of the time.

If you are only famous because of simple cronyism and nepotism, for instance, people like:

– Kate Hudson (seriously, she should’ve been in the music industry rather than in acting)
– Maja Salvador (I could not help but include her, she’s nothing without being a Salvador — correct, she lacks charisma)
– Cristine Reyes (OMFG, classical example — she has no talent at all, except looking like a pornstar)

Well, in that case, they only became famous because they’re connected to ganito-ganyan, and wala rin. Seriously, these people are NOTHING, except when they really work very hard and show that they’re really passionate in their career, not like they will create issues for instant fame, which is wrong, or maybe stick to their relatives fame to be famous — which is another story.

People nowadays think that earning fame is THAT easy, because of connections and relatives, well — in the case of Eddie Murphy, Bill Gates, and those who are not fans of “inheritance shizz,” they simply encourage their children to work very hard. Look where they are now.

Creating or having a lot of issues does not make you famous. In fact, that makes you famous in a negative light. If you want to be famous in a good way, don’t be kiss-ass. Prove your worth. Be cool.

Yeng and Sarah’s performance: That is awesome!

Whoever is more reputable, they’re the ones that are left behind and often underrated. To those who are often overrated and over-exposed at the same time, they only became famous in a snap for whatever reasons… well, in the case of Sarah Geronimo, she can NEVER be overrated for some reason, because she still has the charisma and at the same time, the charm that would awe the boys. Kaya nga mahigpit si Mommy Divine sa kanya, hindi ba? However, when I heard that she went to Brazil without any parental guidance, I said, “See? She could be independent without being rebellious.” Ganyan ang mga taong pinalaki ng tama ng mga magulang. This is one thing that I really do admire about Sarah Geronimo.

You may insist that ABS-CBN might be milking Sarah’s popularity, but that does not exist at all. In fact, Sarah cannot be “milked” due to the fact that she’s not even a Star Magic talent — she’s handled by Viva, so that should not be a problem at all. Whoever is milked for their popularity sometimes, they’re the ones usually involved in casting couch, or maybe they have a lot of connections, or probably because they are good-looking. In the case of Sandara Park, she has been a victim of exploitation — okay, if she was the only SCQ grad without any talent at all, well, it’s all thanks to her Korean background (that time, the Hallyu wave was not yet at its peak).

However, for Sarah Geronimo, she is like a goddess to her fans. Her fanclub is really very big, without any questions asked. You may accuse her for being Miss Gaya-Gaya to the singing styles of people, but that’s what Center for Pop Music taught her (in fact, I once took voice lessons there, and that’s the style taught).

The only thing that makes her “overrated” is her issues regarding lovelife. However, she stated that she’s happy without any partner at all; it just so happened that the guys who courted her were amazed on her beauty and personality at the same time. Overall, she’s reputable.

Yeng, on the other hand, didn’t start as a totally-established singer. As a Grand Star Dreamer, she didn’t stop proving her worth. She is also one of the hard-working people in the music industry — she sings well, she composes well, and plays the guitar. Her good looks was not even a plus factor, yet she is more admired than Sarah in terms of overall talent. Another thing, she’s not even boring to watch. She diversifies in alternative rock, mellow, pop rock, and so forth. In fact, she’s not only a rockstar, but she could actually fit in the classics. Even though she is not very admired compared to that of Sarah G., she still stays down-to-earth. You won’t ever hear a fan account that she is a snob.

Also, despite the fact that Yeng did not even enter college, she still cares for her family and you’ll see that she’s very hardworking. Same with Sarah Geronimo, kaya sila nagki-clique/click not because they are of the same age group, but because they are both breadwinners. They do not need to be over-hyped to become famous. Being over-hyped simply because you are good-looking or maybe you are too “great,” well, you might as well not end up being “almost a has-been” for nothing.

To those who think that Yeng has a loooooooong way to go, nothing beats the essence of a talent search show (not a PDA fan, actually) and its winners. Tignan niyo naman si Sarah Geronimo, winner siya sa Star for a Night. Oh, see?

You cannot even deny that she’s really great:

Quoting Julius del Mar:

She deserve everything she have now pinaghirapan niya yan Di katulad ng iba diyan sikat agad kaya Laos din agad si Sarah dmi ng experience kaya cgurado mas tatagal pa sya

It should also be taken note that one-shot fame does not really make you a “true artist.” In fact, where is Charice now? Well, I hate comparing Sarah to Charice, but Charice became famous because of YouTube. You know naman, the Western world, once you become a HIT on YouTube, big-time ka, so tama rin ‘yung Propaganda segment na kung baga, people do not recognize the hardwork of other people to earn their worth. Rather, they would admire someone with face value, wealth, and strong connections para lang sumikat.

Side Note: Instant fame or Fame our of Hardwork!?

Justin Bieber is also a YouTube sensation. Same with Rebecca Black. However, in the case of PSY, granted, he also became YouTube famous, but did you know that he was already an established singer before his Gangnam Style became famous? He sang songs for his native South Korea whenever there’s a competition (We are the One and Korea) or marathon. Kaya I was more attracted to PSY’s hardwork rather than Justin Bieber’s one-shot instant fame. Justin Bieber may be talented, but that’s about it. Same with Charice, and YES, if you’re one-shot famous because of YouTube or err… a popular series, malalaos ka rin in some time.

PSY’s speech

It should also be taken note that PSY, no matter how famous he is, never fails to keep a low profile and does not fail to amuse the audience without any effort at all. That’s a genuine example of an artist — singing songs to amuse people as a form of expression, and at the same time, speaking to the audience about his background.

He shares a certain trait with Amuro Namie — simple, low-key but EPIC. Namie is also down-to-earth and simple despite looking like a diva on most of her songs. However, despite the tight security in airports whenever she arrives and there are a lot of fans, and also, despite being a shy-type of person (not sure if she’s an introvert, but it shows), she still manages to greet people with a smile (unlike “Trina” who is said to be snob when fans try to get her attention).

Amuro Namie at Singapore

That’s how Namie values her fans. She never fails to greet people despite the tight security. Oo nga naman, hindi talaga papaawat si Namie although she had no choice but to go with the security.

I also watched videos of Amuro Namie pausing to sign autographs or maybe have a picture taken with her fans. That’s how down-to-earth she is — she always keeps a low profile despite being one of the divas in J-Pop. You cannot question how awesome she is and her songs (despite not being a song-writer, I heard that she does not write her songs at all). Over-all, she’s one hardworking lass who gets to the top despite the issues.


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