Charice doesn’t sound like her here…

When I heard this song on radio, I thought it was a foreign artist who sang this song. It’s actually Charice!

If you notice these two MVs, well, if you imagine that she is NOT the one singing, you could say that it’s NOT really her. It seems that a white person has sung it.

Okay, let’s take a look at the singers below:

Ke$ha – I thought she was a black person, turns out that she’s white!
Jessie J – Same case with Ke$ha.
Nat King Cole – I thought it was a white guy, but when I saw him for the first time in photos, he’s actually not.
Rihanna – I thought at first that “Unfaithful” was sung by Lindsay Lohan! Weird!

Usually, if the voice is deep and soulful at the same time, usually, it is a black person who sings it. However, if the voice is less deep and seems lighter, then it is a white person. Usually, I assume that way.

Assumera, much!? LOL!


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