Dear Justin Beaver, leave Pacman alone!

I know that you guys are making positive jokes on Manny like, “Please hire Claudine Barretto as Pacman’s new trainer,” but Justin Bieber’s way of showing his err… disappointment to Pacman is through this:|Punyemas ‘tong klosetang shoklang ‘to! KORNI much!

I find it corny, actually. Not like getting irritated and fuming mad, but this shows that JB is so rude and bitchy to people more superior than him. Remember when he also dissed Prince William for his bald head (like come on, Prince William is too freaking great to diss back at JB).

Miley Cyrus was correct all along when she dissed JB for his YouTube instant fame. Same with Taylor Momsen pretending to be ignorant on JB’s fame.

Come on guys, especially the Beliebers. You don’t like yer idol to be this a-hoe-ish, right? If you think that he’s “cool” and “awesome” at the same time, he won’t ever be as cool as either AJ Perez or Mario Maurer. You may insist that he’s more “kami-like” than the other two I’ve mentioned, but these two dudes are FAR BETTER than JB in terms of reputation and character. It shows how hypocrite and pretentious this little wurst is.

Right now, he’s dissing Pacman through saying that Pacman imitating Michael Jackson is awesome is incorrect. It’s a form of mocking him. We all know that Pacman is still awesome despite being reported to be arrogant, but he never failed to show a good impression to people who knew him at first. JB? I don’t think so, he’s also reported to be a spoiled brat in his native Canada as well.

Kahit si Donya Angelica Santibanez nga, UN-agree sa ginawa ng closet gay, eh!

The most brutal utos from a Senyora when he does shit to Pacman.

Even Charice won’t make patol to such a cheapo shit like JB. He’s nothing but shit. That’s it. His talents are nothing if he would still be an asshole. HAHA, when did he ever become kick-ass like David Archuleta, AJ Perez or Mario Maurer? At least, the closet gays of the PH are even mooooooar carinyoso than he is, even the other Canadians are more approachable and warm than him. I never think of JB as a Canadian AT ALL. He’s also nothing compared to the likes of Avril Lavigne and errrrr… Michael Buble. He brought shame NOT only to his native Canada, but he also slut-shamed the Filipino community, whether in the Philippines or in the US. He’s NOTHING. AT ALL.


Actually, this reminded me of a shallower version: AA Klenk dissing the ever-glamorosa Venus Raj. AA dissed Venus like, “She cannot host, eww.” As if AA herself could host!? NAH, not a chance, but it’s a good thing that Venus was cool enough to comment back and said, “That’s what she thinks.”

Why the hell should JB shut the EFF up

Pacman is something aside from being a boxer. He’s an established father, singer, actor, politician and a host at the same time. He is kind and generous, and his wife Jinkee is lucky to have him. His momma Dionesia is also lucky to have a son like him. If you think that Manny Pacquiao is NOTHING, then the Filipinos won’t have something to be proud of. He’s the one who placed the Philippines in the map, and that’s how cool he is. Kaya, he represents the Philippines with PRIDE. He still instills values with him albeit his loss or victory. It’s only that his wealth that made him overconfident. But still, he represents the Philippines as a country, the Filipino people and at the same time, the Filipino identity. The only thing that I was against is his decision to enter politics.

Beat that, JB faggot!

…back to topic

It’s a good thing that he and Selena Gomez broke up. Of course, I think that Selena does not deserve to have a fag BF like JB. I mean, poor her, it’s only that she deserves someone better, and I like her tandem with Taylor Lautner 100x better than JB.

Justin Bieber will be nothing without YouTube. Pasalamat na lang siya at he has God-given talents. However, his faith is nothing but all-show. What does his Jesus tattoo do on his calf, huh? I think he’s only making it as a fashion trend. Na-uh. Some people think that having a Jesus portrait inked on your body is rude — yes, disrespectful in a way that you are almost making Him a fashion accessory rather than something to venerate. I don’t mind with the rosary tattoo, after all, it’s too mainstream (thanks Nicole Richie for making it popular!) and that cannot be disrespectful at all, unlike a Jesus portrait, which is really disrespectful. What if you’re sick on it. Laser Him off!? See!? Get the logic!?

I think, it’s okay that Pacman should not have a freaking match with that Gay-weather dude. That Mayweather n*gga is such a pathetic piece of ARSE! He also dissed Jeremy Lin at the same time. They should get along with the Beaver, it would make sense.

Now here’s a video interview in Kimmel’s show

HOMG, this is really funny.

After all, JB will NEVER be awesome like Pacman. Pacman is astig and at the same time, too great to spit on JB’s fezz.

The PacMom was fuming mad too!


OHA! Sa’n ka makakabasa ng ganitong Twets!? Nubadi kenat ibin bi as PANNI as dis PAKMAM!

However, what now if JB disses the following:

AA Klenk
AA Klenk
AA Klenk
AA Klenk
AA Klenk

I’d say, “Good job, Boober!”

Ever since, I am never a fan of that JB. It shows that he’s really indeed, NOTHING.


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