Lovi Poe then and now…

So, what is the fuzz about her? Well, no offense to the fans out there, but I find Lovi Poe prettier when she was starting in show business, not until I saw this disaster:

kapamilyalogy.blogspot.com|Nakakagulat siya dito, swear!

In fact, Kitchie Nadal is NOT alone in terms of transformative disaster. I was wondering why Lovi should have to look dugyot in the Ball.

Sabing kasambahay ko dati, “Ayan kasi, puro kaartehan!”

I don’t think so, siguro she’s starting to experiment, but I’m afraid not in a good way. Nagiging kahawig lang niya si Daniel Padilla. However, look at these:

pep.ph|’Day, daig ka pa nina Jinkey Oda ngayon. Cute mo kaya dati.

pep.ph|See? Lovi looks even more adorable before.

allvoices.com|She could even beat Georgina Wilson, actually!

Nako, miss ko na ang dating fezz ni Lovi. I would list her as one of the prettiest girls in show business, but she ruined it! Yes, she’s a morena beauty, but it seems that she only emphasized her skin tone the wrong way. That’s a wrong move, very incorrect.

I also like her in simple styles. Not all the time people could be as “baroque-ish” like GaGa. Actually, I like her beauty when she was really like, starting showbiz, and I even bothered to listen to her songs. She’s OK naman in singing, eh. Hmmm… she’s like you know, parang, hindi na siya kasing-adorable ng dati.

Well, I have to go now… maybe I’ll check out more photos of wonderful vs. disastrous transformations… OH MY.


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