Yes-THOR-dheii’z TV shett

So first, I have watched the Buzz and these were the things that err… came to me…

Goodness, hindi talaga nagbago si Maja-dora (mahadera! LMAO).

Now what do you expect with Maja-doora!? Binabalik niya ang dati niyang pa-cute na ugali ang just in case you’re wondering, she’s like following the footsteps of Cristine Reyes. Duuuuude, maling path ‘yan, siguro siya ang unang nag-BI sa’yo. The old Maja was better, and please, she looks better with simple styles.

But having an alitan with Julia Montes and an affair with Papa P. doesn’t have to make her famous. Why not give Maja a chance to prove her worth!? You’re only milking on her being a member of an acting clan. Granted, I despised Maja-doora before, but this should not again, place her underrated again.

Albie Casino apologizes… hindi nga!?

Mas cute naman si Adam sa kanya, ‘no! Yeah, I think Albie is regretting his bad boy habits, so buti na lang he was able not to be pa-showbiz because he would really look stupid if he is doing that. However, I feel so pessimistic towards him, although most people would think that he is really sincere with his regrets, but others think that he should not revive his career again through “The Buzz” just like what Charice did.

However, when Andi tweeted about the apology, she has forgiven him naman. Well, at least for Albie, he’s more sincere than his crush, AA. Duuuude, magpalit ka na lang ng ibang crush! HAHA!

Pacman’s mom blaming Born Again pastors…!?

Weh, as if religion has affected Pacman’s victory.

I second the motion. I don’t think Pacman lost simply because of religion. I think he has proven his worth as a champion nga, eh. However, maybe it’s for the good that he didn’t even defeat Marquez for some reason: Ang mga napanalunan niyang laban ay nagiging kasalutan, kumbaga, nagiging salot ang kanyang mga tagumpay 13 days after. Oha, parang it’s like saying, “Pacman didn’t win!? Ah, he saved the world!”


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