There is a freaking sheer difference between abortion and contraceptives|DAFUQ! Ad hominiem crap! Here we freaking go again!

So what does religion hafta do with this anti-RH thing, huh!? Filipino Free Thinkers might prefer to slap all yer fezzes once they find out this one! HAHA!

Lucy Torres-Gomez’s statement is completely INSIPID, does not make sense or maybe does not fit in the political arena.

Leave that crap to science, and you have to admit that you’re a devout Catholic and this and that, but that should not be yer argument. In fact, that is pointless.

Mr. Gonzales’s statement is completely very pointless as well. What does your folks hafta do with your argument, huh!? Doesn’t mean that you were lucky that you were born some time ago doesn’t equate that you should follow your parents’ advice all day long… how stupid.

Mr. Syjuco’s comment is like, “For the love of Jesus Christ, why do you have to utter all the Apostles’ Creed, eh?” Okay, I think his statement is the most completely pointless and insipid comment ever.

There’s a sheer difference between this and that

If the RH Bill is about contraceptives and abortion, I don’t think so. I would approve contraceptives, but NOT abortion.

RH Bill: For the malalandi, or for the unprotected?

I believe that contraceptives would be a good way for those malalandi people not to go preggos. However, I was stumbled into this past comment…

Kung naipatupad sana ang RH Bill, hindi sana nabuntis si Andi Eigenmann.

Andi, for crying out loud, fought hard to keep the baby, and she never thought of opting to abortion. Well, for me, even though she never wed, at least she never failed to be one of the most reputable young actors in the Philippines. She would rather insist that being a mother is a blessing rather than a curse, eh sinong mag-aakalang ang pagbubuntis habang hindi ikinakasal ay isang sumpa? Maybe take a thing or two from Iza Calzado’s character from Kahit ang Puso’y Masugatan — that is a sumpa, because her character wasn’t impreggo-ed by Gabby Concepcion’s character. However, in Andi’s situation, she kept it because she believes that being an unwed mother doesn’t make her less of a reputable actor. Also, Albie Casino apologized with sincerity, thinking that he was the one who did the heavier mistake (even though I have a feeling that he cannot be a great father).

Granted, nabuntis si Andi Eigenmann without even getting married, however, for me, I am very much against pre-marital sex. I think I am very against it when it comes to minors — ang aga-aga, ang lalandi niyo na! But, if you think you are ready to become a parent, that is alright for as long as you don’t become a contradiction. Maldita ako sa maldita, pero hindi ako ‘yung basta-basta lang na lalaitin kang, “Hoy, babae! Ang landi-landi mo naman!” If you are no longer a virgin yet you choose to prove your worth and live healthy even without any major, major stains, that’s much better than not being a virgin and still being a slut (Hey, you know who you are! LMAO).

Also, I think that Andi is not malandi at all. It so happened that Albie was very maangas in a secretive manner. Now that’s even worse than Chris Tiu’s ladlad form of hidden conceitedness (yes, I know that he used to be one of the people I admire, but thank goodness I was doubting his err… attitude). However, Albie knows that he was the one who was wrong all along, and in fact, Andi managed to forgive him because she thinks that it’s better to forgive than never.

Meanwhile, in Rhian Ramos’ case, this is uncertain since it was Mo Twister who revealed everything. Of course, what do you expect in Mo’s literally (and figuratively) huge oral orifice? Granted, it is rumored that Rhian aborted two babies, but that’s not yet the end of the story — it is said that she had an abortion in Hong Kong which is like, “Ano ‘to, is this for real or ma-drama na naman ‘tong si Big MO-uth?” However, nagkaalitan na si Rhian at si Angelicopter (the warfreak bitch who admires her fellow bitches z.B. AA Klenk) because of that issue (it should also be taken note that Angelicopter lambasted Grace Lee for whatever reason). So, I think that Rhian might had two abortions. That time, galit na galit ako sa kanya like, “Hindi mo man lang kayang panindigan ang dinadala mo sa sinapupunan mo!? Shame on you!” After all, the RH Bill mostly applies to Rhian who does not even like to have children yet — but still, I am skeptic with this one.

Anti-RH Bill people, wake the hell up!

You’re only siding with the ANTI thing is because of your personal beliefs. Those comments you’ve made!? Those could qualify as ad hominiem. Nakakairita, sakit lang sa bangs! Shut up if you have nothing really nice to say at all. Anak naman ng tokwa, oh!

Admit it, suckers! You’re all pro-unborn! That’s it, no comma, period everything!

To dearest idol Lucy Torres, nakaka-disappoint naman kayo. Admit that you’re a devout Catholic kaya parang masyadong safe naman ang rason mo. I-diretso mo na, ‘wag nang pakipot pa. Also, I don’t think everything should be integrated with science (I think you do not need the RH Bill thingy, anyways).

To Mr. Aurelio Gonzales, you’re too old to say that. Stand up on your own shoes and learn to deconstruct your conservative sh*t right there, I sense something incorrect.

…and lastly, to Mr. Augusto Syjuco, siguraduhin mong God-fearing ka nga talaga. I am very skeptic with your answer. It shows that you’re a puppet of the Church (which is a walking contradiction, sadly). Also, uttering the Creed makes it pointless. Like, come on. It’s no longer the era of the Church’s domination — hindi lang ang Catholic Church ang predominant sa Pilipinas.

All these people in the photo should create their own valid arguments without uttering the Church, or maybe what their parents taught them or OFW expansion. It’s much better if they said, “I am against the RH Bill because there are more ways to solve over-populating.” That’s it.

Reminds me of:

“Perez, that’s a great question and that’s a very hot topic in our country right now.

“I think it’s a question that each state should answer for themselves because that’s our forefathers designed our government.

“The states rule themselves and then there are certain laws that are federal.”

Makes me laugh, yet a smart move.

Go forth and multiply <– that is so old-school

The more, the merrier.

In fact, one of the most notable people stated that it’s alright to overpopulate if the Philippines if only the country itself is full of wealth. Agreed, and I think that if its economy is the same of that with Russia or Brazil, or South Africa, the better. I would consider the Philippines as wealthy if its GDP per capita reaches like, 20,000 International dollars. That way, it would serve as a bridge between the low middle-income country and the high middle-income country.

Check out the Phils. on this link.


I think the Philippines has a long way to go in terms of economic development. Granted, it is booming, yet it is not enough to sustain the needs of the Filipino people. Hmm… if political quality could improve as well (which, I’m afraid, would take too slow), bettter.

I am very much PRO-RH Bill is because I believe that everyone deserves access to reproductive health. Before implementing the RH Bill, ang suggestion ko kasi is that, improve healthcare, hospital facilities and performance quality of doctors and nurses here in the Philippines and like, improve the quality of medical research in the Philippines in order for the country to live a healthy life, not only the reproductive thing.

Maybe it’s not only the healthcare thing that matters, maybe I’ll bombard more information here soon.


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