Fame and rabidity

I would rather prefer someone who is frank and real than being a hypocrite

AA, on the other hand, talent remains stagnant, attitude remained shitty as always, pero anjan parin mga AAdiks, rabid pa rin.

Well, AA is never frank and real for me. In fact, she’s the pa-awa, pa-cute person who is even more hypocritical than Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez or maybe Shaina Magdayao.

Ang totoong tao kasi, hindi talaga magmumukhang plastic ‘yan. Look at Tita Bisaya, even though bastusin ang pagiging palengkera niya, at least meron naman siyang ipaglaban. Eh, do you see that in AA? Being frank and real should not equate looking pa-cute and pa-awa effect on interviews, unlike those who are totoong tao, they really reveal their true selves. I would also include Kris Aquino for being totoong tao, but she cannot be exactly a totoong tao because she’s often a walking contradiction and she’s only plainly speaking her mind than being honest.

After all, there’s a sheer difference between being frank and honest.

…and please, Kris Aquino is also making bunyag of her kakangkangan rather than filtering it. Of course, I’d say that being malandi is something that no woman should be proud of.

I like Kris for being frank, but not for her being proud of her shenanigans. Wa-class ang tawag dun, pramis.

Kaya konti lang ang artistang consistent ang pagiging totoong tao, hindi ba? Of course, kapag maraming issue, that’s how you are measured on how honest and real you really are, and the way you handle it well.

For the record, Katrina Halili may not be frank, but when she’s palaban, at least she is not pa-cute. That’s one trait that I do admire about her. Also, may account that she’s nice in person (ask a Pexer and roxyisferox!). I really do not question that. So, she is considered as totoong tao, which AA could have learned as well. Also, Katrina learned from the scandal, same with Maricar Reyes.

Ang pagiging totoong tao kasi, they learn how to be ready of making laglag to themselves. Although I think that making laglag of yourself is wrong, maybe it’s for the good of the people around you.

As for AA, she could actually learn something from Angel Locsin, Katrina Halili and Maxene Magalona (these people are proven nice in person). She could’ve handled her interview with Maja Salvador the correct way like hindi na nasisira ang kwento.

Side note: If Maja had a lot of issues (why John Wayne left showbiz, Matteo vs. Coco, Enchong, Julia), then why is she underrated? At least for her, hindi naman siya dadaan sa casting couch na ‘yan. Her being a Salvador is a big advantage why she entered showbiz, so she never needed that.

Also, AA should know that Maja has already established herself as an actress. Tapos binastos pa niya, how disappointing. Pero kung si KC o si Toni ang nag-handle niyan, no problem. KC may not be a good actress and singer, but her forte goes to hosting. Same with Toni, since she’s not that good in being funny and singing at the same time (haha, parang ngongo nga siya eh!).

After all, AA has no talent. OK pa si Marian sa kanya eh, in terms of being funny.

AA’s rabid AAdiks: Rabid nga ba?

Hindi lang pala si Alodia Gosiengfiao o si Kitchie Nadal ang mayroong rabid fans. It is also AA who has white knights, denying to death that they’re her fanzzzz. Felice Fawn isn’t spared too, since most of her fans are delusional.

Kitchie Nadal used to have rabis fans as well during the height of her popularity. Nagka-Kid’s Choice Awards pa nga siya, hindi ba? Also, some people stated that she only has good bandmates and a good manager.

Side note: Artists who become famous claim their fame is because they have a good manager, and they really follow the recording company’s advice. Those artists who are more talented yet become overrated because they are more of deconstructing the entertainment company’s norms.

Also, it should be taken note that Kitchie is no longer that famous, granted that she has good songs. Check out other articles on this blog why she got that fame.

Alodia Gosiengfiao became famous in the cosplay community because of her social status. Nobody can deny this, but looking at her background, she is really from a well-off family, and not to mention that she’s the niece of Joey Gosiengfiao. Expected naman talaga na papasok siya sa showbiz simply because of her fame. Despite the fame she has right now, she still remains low-key (heck, she even refused to have Tumblr and Formspring).

Side note: To sum it up, kung sino pa talaga ang well-off, sila pa ang sumisikat because of certain connections with this and that, and with that, those who come from the marginalized sector does not even receive that recognition. Kitchie is well-off, Alodia is well-off, those celebrities who are in the well-off social status receives more fame, even earning rabid fans.

Actually, if you are really well-off, you’ll really be THAT famous because of connections, unlike those who are not so-rich (I belong to that group, although people think I’m well-off, well, NO). Those who are not even on the well-off status happen to be more talented and more knowledgeable — most street kids are very intelligent and thus, earning honors, while disabled people are more talented in sports compared to their able-bodied counterparts.

I’m not as rich or famous as those people, but at least I do not garner a reputation like, “She’s such a bitch! She’s snob and sometimes she would act like a prima donna.” Nobody would question me when it comes to being approachable.

AA may not be born with a silver spoon like Edj and Trina, but how did she earn that rabid fame? All thanks to her Ate Ara, but she earned mild infamy than genuine fame. In fact, her popularity is similar to that of Rebecca Black. Also, her AAdiks fans are actually delusioning that she’s really frank and real, and no one has the right to post negative comments on her Instagram. It would not be new to you when I’m attacked by rabid AAdiks. Ako kasi, hater naman talaga ako ni AA. I would not dislike AA without apparent reason, but truth is, AA does not deserve to be called an actor or an artist, unless you’re talking about Playboy Playmates or someone contending Maria Ozawa’s fame.

Rabid fans are actually like protecting their “goddess” because they’re untouchable, but, they’re making their idol worse than overrated. Look where Kitchie is now. Look at what happened to Alodia. Also, please evaluate whether AA still deserves to be retained in ABS-CBN.

I really doubt that Kitchie Nadal is suplada, but there are fan accounts that hindi naman talaga namamansin si Trina. Although GMA’s show has stated that Kitchie does not want to be approached with special treatment, well, it so happens that she’s an introvert. There are also introverts na namamansin din naman, maybe they don’t want to be treated as if they become intimidated. In fact, daig pa siya ni Amuro Namie, who also happens to have no people skills, but she never fails to greet people warmly.

Alodia is also accused for being prima donna off-cam, but she does not forget to reply to your comments. I was even like, “OMG” when she replied to me. She is also shy in person.

Even though these two have rabid fans (or fantards), they still do not fail to impress their fans and their admirers.

Well, AA cannot be as reputable than Kitchie or Alodia because of her dirty record. Kitang-kita namang mas mayabang pa siya compared to Georgina Wilson. Also, she’s really porud of her rabid fans and at the same time her way to fame is because she could like say that she’s the most awesome person in the world. If you think that AA has more fans than haters, well, you are wrong. Most of her haters are Popsters (Sarah Geronimo’s fans and fantards LMAO) and non-Popsters who are also MCDs. Kaya bang ma-achieve ni AA ang star status ni SG? HAHAHA, it will never happen.

Umincrease ang viewership mo simply because sa mga pro-AA stalkers?!??!?! Kaloka nga yan! Grabe, pwede na makipagkumpetensya ang mga AAdicts sa mga S♥nes (SNSD fanclub name) kung ka-rabid-an ang paguusapan o sa mga ELF. The only difference is that the reputation of the idols of ELFs and S♥nes (Super Junior and SNSD, respectively) never had the reputation of talking smack against a fellow celebrity on cyberspace, and if they did something wrong, they will apologize and change for the better. SUJU and SNSD will never be perfect, but they have grown into more mature celebrities and their talents are better than before.

Actually, ELFs and S♥nes could be at-par with the Popsters. The only difference is that, the Popsters are really very supportive on SG and whoever becomes a bitch against SG, they will smack them down, just like what happened to AA. Of course, the power of the Popsters would be twice or thrice or more than the AAdiks. Granted, naging overrated na rin si SG because of the fantards, but that’s okay, because they know how valuable SG is. Kaya nga eh, that KSP and bitter hater of mine admires actors with a BAD reputation than those who still retain their good reputation. Kaloka, ‘diba, tapos may pa-church-church pa siyang nalalaman. That is hypocrisy at its finest. Maganda naman talaga si SG without makeup, eh, compared to Maja, Erich, AA and Mariel. In fact, SG would be at-par with Yeng (hahaha, kung sino pa ang hindi telegenic, they happen to look more pleasant without makeup or in person).

After all, that would be about it. Comment back ASAP.


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