The fantards: What you should know (more) about them

Usually, fantards are fans who are often rabid and will religiously defend their idol in such a manner that they will bash the hater of their idol.

If you’re going to ask me, actors with attitude problem often earn fantards who will shield their “deity” no matter what happens.

Of course, if people are going to bash me simply because of AA hate posts, I would call them “fans.” Kahit anong pa-deny deny nilang gawin, it just happens that they’re “fans,” or let’s say, “fantards.”

Guys, I won’t be a fake person here simply because you love her, I hate her… well, if you’re going to think that I’m hitting AA too hard… well, she deserves it! She deserves to be a has-been and go bankrupt. Look at what happened to those who were overrated just because of their good looks (which are often NOT really special), they often become has-beens, or suddenly given lesser projects. It’s all about HYPE. They think that these people deserve more fame if they’re not that special at all.

Who often has fantards?

Trina – “Sad thing she’s underrated.” –>; Don’t you know that she was one of the most overrated artists during her time? Also, she became a has-been because the hype was no longer there (In other words, she’s only a hit wonder). Her voice is raspy, lazy, dull, whatever. Stage presence? She definitely lacks charisma. Ika nga ng mga first-hand accounts, she’s not very convincing at all.

Erli – The gay-voiced lass is yeah, she has no talent. She can’t sing, dance, act, host, and so on. She is nothing if not for the VJ thingy.

Ross – She’s hyped because she belongs to a family of actors. Duh, she’s not that talented and good-looking either. Overall, her performance is mediocre.

AA – The undisputed queen of all the fame whores. She’s often admired and overhyped by her co-stars because she’s almost-perfect in terms of good looks. Well, thanks to science, she got rid of her “Bakokang” image.

Edj – Of course, you cannot deny that there are white knights in her fanbase. It’s either they consider her as a goddess than a person. Cosplay is no longer regarded as a respectable form of art if that would be the case. No one is willing to fix cosplay as “normal” than something like a fashion show. Even a person like her feels uncomfy with these circumstances.

There are more actors who needed a break. However, today’s society embraces immorality because they think it’s a form of being liberated. Anong values ang pino-promote ng mundo ngayon?

Guys, liberalism is not equal to being immoral. It only shows that being “liberated” is equal to degrading values at the same time. Show at least delikadesa when you’re being liberal.

After all, fantards degrade moral values than promoting them. Even though they’re not moral values, they should not diss a person because they think this and that actor sucks arse. What now if I admired SG and Dara while being too negative about the rest? I am not dissing the rest of those people. Kung sino pa ‘yung merong attitude problem, pinagtatanggol pa ninyo. After all, you do not promote moral values.

Roxyisferox is correct: AAdiks are rabid; most of them are fantards who will bash you because AA is being correct or she should not br criticized or ridiculed. DUH, like what I said a million times: Pangalan pa lang niya, ka-mura mura na nga eh! Also, she would actually make pa-awa effect because of a movie. Oh come on, she’s not as good as Juday or CB. If she wants respect, she should not be a homewrecker, a slut, or in other words, you stole the guy and you are going to be the one who will get jealous. That is moronic. Very moronic to be pa-awa if you’re viewed negatively.

Also, if you’re talking about hype, you’re talking about face value alone. Look at what happened to “Trina,” she’s no longer active in the music industry. Why? If not for a Korean series, hindi rin siya makikilala, eh. Iba parin ang na-hype because of a certain TV series (or YouTube) versus being a winner of a talent-search show.

With regards to YouTube fame, Marié Digby is an exception. She became YouTube famous, but why does she still stay underrated? See? She’s waaaaaaay prettier and more talented than Trina, but why is the latter like, mas nami-miss nila? Maybe because Marié lacks charisma or maybe her songs are not that convincing. Maybe she’s better than Trina in some way, we really do no know, but if I were to be asked, Marié is more than just a singer. She could level to Angela Aki and some other stars who are often underrated.

Also, underrated artists do not have fantards. Same with underrated actors or movies.

Obviously, very popular classics such as The Beatles, Madonna, Michael Jackson, or other legends do not have fantards. Harry Potter does not have fantards as well (unlike Twilight which is sooooo overrated).

What makes something/someone overrated? Simple: Hype. Who makes the hype? Mostly fantards. Who makes these overrated things/people famous? It’s not only YouTube or a popular TV series, but publishing houses, production studios and recording companies who have good staff and employees. Cronyism and nepotism is the secret behind these hype-ness. Kung hindi lang dahil may koneksyon sila sa isang kumpanya, tiyak hindi sila maha-hype.

Look for more articles regarding fantards. You’ll see if these over-hyper people do NOT have fantards.


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