Nagkataon lang ‘yan!

LMAO Ross (aka Maja-dora este Maja-dera) won’t get her fame if she weren’t a member of the family clan.

First of all, her acting and dancing skills are quite mediocre (read: Mediocre). Also, it just so happened that she seems talented is because she’s a Salvador. Believe it or not, she’s average-looking, and DUH! The skeletor acts better and Princess Ryan dances better than her.

Some people attested that her acting is off, and one said that she’s over-acting. Well-said, she has a long way to go.

Like what I said, most people I know (personally or NOT) do actually insist that she’s pretty and talented. Well, no. I’m not saying that she does not have any talent, but her over-all performance is mediocre. Also, kulang talaga siya sa charisma, so she’s NOTHING without being a Salvador. Just saying.

Naka-ilang issues na ba siya? From John Wayne Sace to Matteo-Coco fight, I would have blamed her for having the same attitude (problem) of AA. I won’t be surprised if they have a fight together. Well, if that happens, I’d rather shout, “ULOL! Pare-pareho lang kayong malalanding selosa!”

Nagka-isyu sila ni Julia, Piolo at Chong. See? She does not even deserve to be in showbiz. Pasalamat na lang siya, Salvador ang apelido niya. Also, she’s overhyped a la Trina, so you won’t ever wonder if she goes has-been. True, she’s not an artistahin material at all. Maybe college heartthrob, but she’s not a celebrity material. DUH, kaya lang siya sumikat ng ganun ganun because she came from almost-poverty line. Even Pete Ampoloquio despises her as well. Sigh.

Dapat si Ashley Gosiengfiao na lang ‘yung naging artista. At least ‘yun, talented na nga, malakas pa ang appeal. Granted, she sounds irritating kapag nakikipag-sagutan siya sa mga haters at bashers and does not aim to be famous, but she’s the type of person who won’t settle anything for less.


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