The homewrecker’s hypocrisy

Ang bad ko nga naman, joke!

Sabihin niyong hindi parin ako makapag-move on, ulol! I have cut relationships with her ever since…

Anyways, if your know-it-all knows better than my know-it-all, I think you should get your facts straight, because I am not a know-it-all myself unless you are doing it wrong the wrong way.

Statement #1: Maka-nasyonalismo ako.
Statement #2: Filipinos are more stupid than American people.

Excuse me, are you thinking that you are stupid as well? Granted, Filipinos really vote for political dynasty and at the same time voting for celebrities into politics, I think you have a point there. However, comparing us (or them) to American people, goodness! Americans have lower standards than Filipinos recently. Look, Jessica Sanchez was only second place in American Idol and another thing, Miss Universe 2012 (Miss USA) won the champion. Ganun ka-engot ang lipunang Kano (okay, I’m not generalizing or dissing American people). I believe they’re really exploiting us Filipinos in order for them to sustain their power.

Statement #1: Wala akong pakialam sa buhay niya (referring to the chink).
‘Yung totoo: I think may tinatago silang sikretong malupit. Hmmmmm…ph!

Kaya galit parin sa akin ang chink dahil sa’yo! I know you’re backfighting me at him, and I know how insincere you are when you were willing to apologize to him. Eh siya rin naman, I believe napadala lang siya sa kawalanghiyan mo. Alongside with “salot,” I think naging salot ka nga rin sa buhay ko.

Seriously, I only took you for granted. Ganyan ka naman, eh. I sense that you’re only taking me for granted because you’re actually… thinking that I’m a burden to you.

How hypocrite of you, and yet malakas pa ang loob mong magsabing:

Statement #1: Dapat maki-ride on ka rin.
Statement #2: Wala akong pakialam! (this is her expression always, and her moodiness is fuck! Kala mo kung sinong umasta, hindi rin pala siya marunong maki-ride on)

Frankly, you’re a know-it-all, and people with that attitude are usually walking contradictions. Also, this:

Statement #1: ‘Wag kang magmura.
Statement #2: *Mura ng mura*

Tapos proud ka pa sa ugali mong, “Ipinanganak na gago!” Your username in one of your accounts says it all. That really defines you. Also, please don’t get me started with ALL your hypocrisies. Ikaw kaya ang selfish! You wanted to be treated as the queen/senyorita/princess of all trades. Sigh, I don’t like mingling with people like you, and from now on, we’ll no longer be that close. Siguro casual buddies, but not the type na lagi mong kasama. Tsk.

There are know-it-alls who really do practice what I really preach. Daig ka pa nga nila, eh! Although there are some who continue to become hypocrites, I think you really do not deserve to be on me contacts list anymoaw. Tsk.

Tapos pa-freak out freak out ka pa when you’re meeting the chink. Pretentious nga! You pretend that you fear him, pero aminin mo na, you started it all, and I do not see any sincerity in you. Siguro one of our buddiees dislike you because of your attitude.

You really remind me of that person who also has A for attitude. Grabe, siya na nga leader namin, siya pa ang bully! Kairita lang, bakit pa siya napili kung ever since, may attitude na nga siya. Siguro her enemies really tell na may attitude nga siya. Pareho lang kayong mga nakakairita. I bet, you won’t get along with one another.


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