Crabs, crabs… like kabago-bago ko lang dito, haters na kaagad!?

Call me skandalosa, but please, I have a feisty side as well. Don’t ever call me demure or naive because I could be feisty as well. At least, nasa lugar naman.

Ganyan talaga kapag nasa higher level ka: People tend to hate you because you’re freaking rich and that shit.

Kaya nga I’m happy being a loner more than having even a single barkada pa nga, eh. If you know-it-alls think that it’s better to have lots of friends, even those walking contradictions that you see, I’m sorry but I do not like to mingle with fake people.

OMG OMG OMG. So I registered in and this was the first intriguing thing I got:

Why do attention whores need to upload a photo of their iPhone, a screenshot of their iPhone’s Homescreen and their iPhone’s case in facebook?

For your information, I am not an attention whore. Facebook is meant to express one’s feelings and thoughts and I personally think you are not worthy to be my Facebook friend. Just delete me in your friends list, after all, it’s not my loss. I’m not the only person doing it, there are other people doing that as well.

I was at a defensive mode at that time (defensive pa talaga ah! OH NOES). I don’t think there’s a freaking malice when posting photos of gadgets in your Facebook account (or let’s say, you post things like, what you see is what you get without the fear of being judged).

I actually do not give a fucking shit if you’re talking behind my back. It’s really fine with me, that’s not my problem after all if you think I’m a burden to you. In fact, some of you guys think that I’m haughty if in fact I’m not.

King-ina talaga eh, no!

I never said it was you, but nonetheless, it’s you i’m talking about. For one, you just proved that you’re guilty of attention whoring. Second, even though you said you’re not one, I bet more than 75% of your friends will tell you you are.

Oh really!? You really make me laugh ;D posting photos of Apple-related products does not make you (or me) an attention whore at all. Well, that’s your opinion, so yeah.

Look at his/her statement. Do you think that person is not inggit of me!? I sense something really very fucking fishy right here…

Well, natawa naman talaga ako, eh. Actually, I could make Formspring or as a circus. OH NOES.

Oh my god, you’re so rich! I so envy you with all the gadgets you own that you keep on posting in Facebook! I so love that iPhone 4S you got and how much you had invested in your awesome photography skills! I wish I have your skill and I would also love to have that 60D you keep on talking about!

Well, no! I am not well-off! Magpakilala ka anon, I’m not joking! You may have your 60D purchased on Infomax.;D Since you have this tone, hope you’re not doing sarcasm chos!

Hmmm… at least my being plastic comes out naturally. I know that person is really sarcastic so yeah. HAHAHA.

Of course I was sarcastic. Last Note: I remembered a time when you actually uploaded a scanned/ photographed picture of your tuition receipt. Well, everything you uploaded screams “I’m able to buy these things, and I don’t really care how many people aren’t able to eat thrice a day. Just whatever.”

Hey, I did not even post a picture of that freaking receipt, dude! You’re delusioning! Iba talaga ang mga taong inggit sakin, people like you who find me arrogant. Delete me in Facebook ngayon din if you dislike my posts. I bet you are the chink or the jealous warfreak. After all, you are NOT my loss, just so you know. :p

Haters gonna hate talaga. People like you think I’m fucking well-off because of this and that, and you know what? People like you would pull everyone down for your own satisfaction. You feel insecure because I have these things you do not have. Lastly, you’re making me waste my time just to answer back to your lambastments. Poor you, I really pity crabs like you. :p

Granted, I’m quite materialistic, but that should not make me a discontented person. First of all, I do not envy people who have an iPad or an iMac. Also, hindi rin ako inggit sa mga taong may 5D Mark III ano!? You poor dirty animal, do you think wala akong pakiam sa mga taong walang makakain sa tatlong beses sa isang araw!? Dude, believe it or not, I am generous. I would give everything if people deserve it. But those who take advantage!? Well, never mind.

Kaya ka lang nayayabangan sakin dahil ‘yan ang point of view mo sakin. I do not find people posting their iPhones arrogant because I believe that’s one way of expressing themselves. Tsk, kawawa ka naman, hindi marunong mag-evaluate.

Lastly, ikaw kaya ang attention whore, like DUH! Ikaw kaya ang nag-start at the first place. Trust me, I do not pretend to be someone else like, I am like this and like that. What you see is what you get. Those photography things you’re talking about!? I worked really damn hard about it like for two freaking years! I may not be a professional photographer, but I am willing to learn my passion, and I do it by heart. Eh ikaw? Wala ka sigurong magawa sa buhay kundi maging crab eh!

Overall, I do not tolerate such people like you. Ipagdarasal rin kita.

Kaboom! Putang ina niya pala, eh! Oh sige, bastusan!?

Excuse me, pero hindi lang ako ang nagpo-post ng mga ganyan-ganyan lang. Iba talaga kapag marunong ma-inggit sa kapwa tao. Of course, if you think I’m that haughty, problema niyo na ‘yun. If you think I’m that bitch to be matapobre, excuse me, but I personally look down at people with a bad attitude. Just like this person right here. Kaya niya pala ako, huh. Akala niyo naman kung sinong maka-asta, eh duwag rin pala siya. OH NOES.

Unlike other people who show off their cool when they’re being lambasted, I’m irritable. Nice people get mad in a dinosaur-ish way (hoy “salot,” baka mapatay lang kita, ah!).

To make things clear, I am not Princess Morbucks

Guys, it’s like this. I’m not maldita naman, eh. Granted, I may seem mataray to some of you guys, but I’m not. Introverted naman talaga ako, however, that came when I was in high school. If you guys think you’re better than me, be true to yourself. I don’t like people who pretend to be contented in life, if in fact they’re not. Nobody is 100% contented. If you think you’re contented in life, well, you must have been raised in the correct way, and another thing, you’re not obsessive-compulsive at all.

Also, if you really hate me at the first place, I never gave you any reason to hate me. In fact, that is your problem and that’s it. Hindi ako artista, mga ‘tsong. Ordinaryo akong tao like you. I’m not a Hollywood star and I am not judgmental at all. In fact, I could really judge people if they’re constantly being… indifferent.

I do not feel indifferent towards people. It only happens that I like being alone, and I’m happy with that, and yes, people called me weird at high school because I do things that they do not regularly do. It’s better to have a few friends or a no-namer group who would accept you for who you are. I feel so blessed when I could actually have the chance to hang out with these people.

Also, when people would draw their attention to me and like, parang ako pa talaga ang pinang-guguluhan (you know that feeling) in real life, I feel really awkward. That’s how introverted I really am. I do not enjoy the company of like, a group of 10-15 friends who are like, sometimes they’re real, sometimes they’re fake, but introverts know if this person is worth talking to.

Another thing, I’m not the type of person who won’t brag about things that they’re happy with. At least may ipagmamayabang, hindi ba? That does not mean that the person is arrogant at all. People do not really know what’s happening in your life. HMMM… maybe let them keep guessing!?

It’s a good thing marami paring sumusuporta sa akin, eh. Okay, some of you unfollowed me, but do I really care? Naaah…

…and to that grrr/?/blocked anon, MASAYA ka na ba!? Ako pa ang nanlalait ng artista pero si Sarah Geronimo parang nilait mo parin, may pa-warm blooded guy ka pang nalalaman diyan, ah! ‘Kaw kaya walang taste!

If you haters think I’m a bitch, hell no! I am not a celebrity at all. I never asked for special treatment like, DUH! You think I’m that bitch, I become one when I get mad, so please, don’t ever test me. I am worse than a dragon when I get mad.

Those haters are cowards. They do not reveal their identity just because they’re like this and that. Oh come on, you’re like the rabid AAdiks who do nothing but to lambast someone when another person criticizes their idol. Okay, marami na ring umaway sa’kin dahil lang nilait ko si AA sa Twitter. Feeling nila untouchable si AA like…

Amethyst (an AAdik) said: “You do not know her personally so do not judge!”

Does she think that… AMALAYER!? Totoo naman, eh. Truth really hurts that her idol really is NOT a good example and (not) a role model to the youth. Do you think it’s decent to show off your ass in dance prods!? Ask Tita Cristy and Ka Pete!

Akala ko naman ayaw nila sa mga plastic, backfighter at feeling close (or sipsip). Eh sila pa nga ang gumagawa nun, eh! HAHAHA, how hypocritical!

It should also be taken note that these haters are also hypocrites. Did they ever NOT experience being lambasted as well. Tutal, SANAY naman sila, no wonder.

It should also be taken note that there’s a lesson in this matter: Never judge at the first place.


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